After the question he should respond:

With his usual response, then: (really stick it back to them with)

 ..... but more importantly, why are you asking me this question when you haven't taken question and gotten to the truth with our present President?  Tell me?  And also, why can't we have a single day in court about his social security number and why haven't you asked about that .... and who was his mentor Frank Marshall Davis and tell me when did he flip back?  I think you need to do your job first before you get to me, so will you do it?


(then wait .... don't say another word .... wait!)

Then after a good long wait, 'I'll tell you what, you do that, you get to the bottom of these items and we'll talk more then, agreed?'  And I want to see you asking those questions and after you do, you get back to me and I'll be more than happy to go from there; agreed?

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  • My God I said the exact thing today about no one listening to me. I wrote a page long introduction to a link the other day and got not even one like. Nobody is doing much outside the senate and the House either. I don't know if the NSA stuff got to them or what' My wife says she is tired of hearing it because it is the same stuff but we are getting close to having a select committee' They have subpoena power and can appoint a special prosecutor. Stockton of MI wrote it and its number is H.R. 36 and he wrote a demand that it be voted on I think its number is H.R. 106 there are 162 co sponsors of that H.R.36 You can weigh in on it free at POP VOX I cant find a link right now but another site that is useful to see how someone or everyone voted on a bill you can even get a RSS feed Project Vote Smart

  • "It is called, FEAR, they are afraid, of what he will do" So they do nothing.

  • Ho hum, another day with the illegal puppet dictatta in cheef running their bananna republic take over. No one is stopping this, the people who can reach out and throw them out are doing nothing. Figure that out, why no one is listening to us!

  • From what was on Dr. James David Manning,, if you go onto his site, and search eligibilty, he states, in great detail, why Sen Cruz is not eligible, as BHO is not eligible. The slipped him thru.

    Its sort of a tricky question, and is explained in detail. Because they allowed Mr. Obama thru, they will now try this with anyone.

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