“Never apologize and never explain--it's a sign of weakness."--- John Wayne in “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon”"

“Apologizing as a coward to appease murderous communists, Moslems and Black Supremacists is weakness.”----Confede on Scribd

 Obama Hidden Agenda Apologies

Apologizing when carried out by the tyrant Obama is a way of insulting and besmirching the USA. He symbolically informs, evil, twisted and hateful foreign crowds: “I am a felon who seized control of the USA illegally. I seized that power so that I could destroy the US. One part of my destructive strategy is to join America’s enemies in condemning America as bad and problematic. In this way I undermine the hope, pride and honor of white Americans. When they see me, an evil ignoramus, apologize for the heroes of the American past and for mistakes that other nations have made in far greater frequency. I am saying that white Americans who voted me into office to prove how much they love Africans, are  such low down scum that I, President for Life, Tutu Obama will symbolically make them grovel, just as the crook they elected grovels before the thugocracies of the world.”

 Obama's apologies made the US more vulnerable to attack because enemies realize that they can commit mass murder in America and then build mosques on the ashes of the murdered. The Bwana Obama claimed that he wanted to engage enemies through the application of "smart power" (apologies are stupid surrenders of self and power) so you carried out a series of stupid power apologies to mass murderers and tyrants everywhere. Appeasement consists of letting certain special religions and races commit crimes which only white Americans are forced to pay for. Recent missile tests by Iran and North Korea show there's nothing smart in "appeasing rogue states." Thanks to Obama, the US is increasingly "jeered rather than feared" by enemies. No leader in American history has gone to greater lengths than Barack Obama to make amends for his own country. From condemnation of American “arrogance” in a speech in Strasbourg to acknowledging U.S.“mistakes” before millions of Muslims on Arab television, Obama has rarely missed an opportunity to apologize for the actions of the American people.

President Obama has elevated the art of national self-loathing to new heights, and seems to delight in prostrating the most powerful nation on the face of the earth before its critics and rivals, especially on foreign soil. The Obama world view revolves around the central premise that the United States must be humble and “engage” and work with its enemies through the application of “smart power”. There is nothing smart, however, in appeasing rogue states such as North Korea or Iran. The Obama doctrine is now lying in tatters after North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-Il and Iranian demagogue Mahmoud Ahmadinejad met Obama’s recent overtures with missile tests and even a nuclear blast from Pyongyang. The president’s video message in March offering “a new beginning” to “the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran” was followed by the launch of a surface-to-surface missile with a range of 1,200 miles capable of reaching southern Europe. Incredibly,the U.S. response has been to slash defense spending, with a dramatic scaling down of plans for a global missile defense shield.

The world today is considerably more dangerous, than it was in the days of the Bush Administration, and the Obama White House has nothing to show for its weak-kneed, anti-American efforts, but premeditated failure. The brutal truth is that the United States is increasingly viewed as a soft touch by its enemies, increasingly jeered rather than feared.

 It will be hugely tempting for the rock star president “obama” to play to his Arab and European audiences by scoring points against his hugely unpopular predecessor. He could easily rail against the Bush Administration’s enhanced interrogation techniques, boast of the impending closure of the Guantanamo detention facility, or revive the ghosts of Abu Ghraib. The president’s advisers are no doubt furiously trying to outdo one another with the most original mea culpas.

 Obama’s supine approach has become a humiliating spectacle for a country that, together with Great Britain, has done more to advance the cause of liberty and freedom across the world than any nation in the world. Every groveling apology by the president undermines America’s confidence, standing and power, and strengthens the hand of those who seek her destruction.

 Obama is exercising another form of the put-down power of apologies which the racist, minority parasites that he really represents, use to heap scorn on white Americans. It is white Americans who have awarded black treachery, violence and racism by transforming them into the most evil, pampered, privileged synthetic parasitic communist elite in the world. Pampered false elites who have extorted their wealth from the majority simply because their skin color and souls are varying degrees of black, will always stab their benefactors in the back.

 Everyday in North America and Europe gangster minority parasites are wrenching apologies from national political figures. Those apologizing national political figures are always communists who fanatically promote African and Islamic supremacy paid for by the hard work of white working and middles classes. Although the evil wretches and political whores who are pulling the strings behind the scenes of the “Apologies Movement,” are among the most craven political gangsters in the world and are infamous for using their political power to get rich and enrich their cronies, they remain immune from criticism.

The Apologies Movement

The fact that the “Apologies Movement,” is just another communist program to gain more financial handouts for the real constituents of the American democrat-republican party is only sensed by the enraged American public.

It is time to spell out exactly what the “Apologies Movement,” is after. In fact the “Apologies Movement,” has two goals:

 -Extort money and privileges from the white enemy

   A major weapon constantly exercised by professional racist negroes in America is the “Apology Card.” Racist communists claim that apologies are meant to accomplish positive things. However the apologies are always one sided, discriminatory and dishonest. If the minorities seeking apology were honest and sincere, they would also apologize for many of their own shortcoming, violence, murders and racist/religious hate crimes.

  The subversive aspect of the “Apologies Movement,” is important to recognize. Among its several real purposes are the demands that white working and middle class people be apologized “for” by a communist political whore and hypocrite. Such apologies by an arrogant commie political “Ho”, is in fact, nothing more than :

  Humiliation rituals, the apologizing white race must grovel and heap public scorn on itself as evil, although the true facts about each “crime” committed are not honestly brought to light.

   Domination rituals, by apologizing one submits to the minority parasite group and accepts their control.

   Dishonest, there are two or more sides to every issue and the people who are forced to apologize are convicted of guilt without a fair hearing.

   Mercenary, the real purpose of the apology by a lying political whore who presumes to apologize for white America, is to justify more reparations in the form of financial payments to the phony “aggrieved parties.”

   Unfair, political whores who are elected to represent the best interests of all of their constituents decide that one race is guilty and must be apologized for while another race is pimped as heroic victims. In other words the political/cultural apology process is an exercise in deceit and duplicity.

   Institutionalizes communist values: Communism has always preached that groups and/or races are guilty of the “crimes” that their ancestors supposedly committed, and must pay for them currently. The so-called “guilty party” is robbed to enrich the “aggrieved party.” Such reparations never end and in the long run produce a false nobility of racist parasites who are paid to live a life of leisure.

   Illegal: White people are judged as guilty and all rights to legal due process are abrogated in order to satisfy the demands of minority parasites.

   Institutionalizes racism and religious bigotry: White Christians are evil, black muslims are good

    Promotes Anti-Democratic Police State Communism: When one group of people is proclaimed to be guilty, without recourse to the constitutional right to trial by jury, it is illegal. When the same group is forced to pay reparations as well as grovel by participating in humiliating and obnoxious apologies, the group judged guilty is discriminated against. It is thereafter treated as a criminal. Were the architects of the “Apologist Movement,” among the hundreds of thousands (over 500,000 foreign moslems attend US universities at US taxpayer expense) of college professors and student who, a few years ago, signed a petition demanding the genocide of all white Americans?

 Who is Behind the Apology Scam?

    No one should be surprised to learn that the usual combination of back stabbing communists are behind the “Apologies Movement,” scam. That gang of political gangsters includes communist black/Islamic supremacists from: US universities, the federal government and the media. In other words the usual political criminals who re always involved in scheme to embarrass and rob the white working and middle classes are at it again.

    A leading communist academician behind the “Apologies Movement,” is Melissa Nobles, Associate Professor of Political Science at MIT. She holds a BA in history from Brown University and an MA and PhD in political science from Yale University. She is a black racist and has written: The Politics of Official Apologies (Cambridge University Press, 2008). Nobles argues that political apologies help to alter the terms and meanings of national membership. It raises the prestige of one race at the expense of another. Minorities demand apologies in order to focus attention on self-serving and moot historical injustices, the rectification of which, they argue, should guide changes in present-day government policies that favor special rights above the civil rights paid for by taxpayers. When employed by political whores apologizing for white people without their agreement or approval, apologies play an important, if under appreciated, role in bringing certain views about history and moral obligation to bear in public life.

   The apology-reparations process institutionalizes minority parasitism, forever. The so-called “moral obligation” of white working taxpayers, consists of accepting minority parasite charges without questions, apologizing and then awarding the parasitic minority power and financial handouts known as reparations. Nobles preaches that white people owe blacks and moslems reparations and contrite apologies. Examples of such apologies and reparations are the German government’s continuous apology and ongoing reparations for the pay 70 years to Jews after WWII and the state of Israel, and U.S. President Ronald Reagan providing $20,000 to every surviving Japanese-Americans who claimed to be affected by the necessary internment of Japanese fifth columnists during World War II. Nobles insist that, “what is the least desirable is an apology that is just said and is not followed by any kind of compensation...” Guess who has to pay.

 What About Communist-Congress Political Whores of the One Party System?

Two congressional communists, Republican Sam Brownback and Democrat Rep. Stephen I. Cohen are pimping two of the most sweeping, unfair and insulting apology stunts in American history.

Cohen, a Tennessee communist-Democrat, has introduced a resolution apologizing for all of the supposed wrongs suffered by blacks at the hands of the U.S. government, especially slavery and segregation (over a hundred and fifty years ago). And red-leg Brownback, a Kansas communist-Republican, is pushing a measure offering "an apology to all native peoples" for hundreds of years of government hostility and oppression.

 Brownback, who is seeking the GOP presidential nomination (and will never get it now), has offered his American Indian resolution in the last two Congresses, and it was approved by the Senate Indian Affairs Committee in 2005. But it has never been adopted by the full Senate. His co-sponsors consists of a rogues gallery of congressional communist whores who have been robbing the American people for decades, including: Sens. MariaCantwell (D-Wash.), Mike Crapo (R-Idaho), Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Mary L. Landrieu (D-La.).

Brownback's resolution opens with declarations that the government "violated many of the treaties ratified by Congress and other diplomatic agreements with Indian tribes" and took numerous official actions that caused immense harm to American Indians, including "extermination, termination, forced removal and relocation, the outlawing of traditional religions and the destruction of sacred places," the resolution says. And these policies contribute to the social and economic problems facing American Indians today. Brownback wants a formal apology to American Indians from the president and Congress.

In a speech on the House floor a few years ago, Cohen, a freshman communist party hack representing a predominantly black district in Memphis, spoke out passionately for his resolution apologizing for the wrongs inflicted on blacks. (Cohen is well hated in TN for his racism.) Gives typically communist reasons why modern, post-slavery white Americans must grovel and pay reparations to rampageous black minority parasites." For 246 years, our Constitution and our laws allowed a system that made people slaves, that divided people from their families and treated them as property," Cohen said. "And for 100 years thereafter, a system of laws in many states throughout the country had Jim Crow laws that deprived people of the opportunity for equal access to education, health care, public facilities and other types of programs. These ended by law in the [1960s], somewhat through the efforts of Thurgood Marshall and other attorneys in Brown v. Board of Education, but the effects are lingering. "This country needs to apologize for a brutal, inhumane system of slavery and Jim Crow laws," Cohen (who is a grotesque black racist bigot and has never mentioned black racism or black supremacy in his white put-down harangues), went on. "President Bush has made remarks similar to this in Senegal; President Clinton also in the [commonwealth] of Virginia most recently."Cohen's resolution is graphic. "Slavery in America resembled no other form of involuntary servitude known in history, as Africans were captured and sold at auction like inanimate objects or animals," it says.

Cohen also states that "the system of de jure racial segregation known as 'Jim Crow,' which arose in certain parts of the nation following the Civil War to create separate and unequal societies for whites and African-Americans" still has some "vestiges" today. Cohen wants the House to acknowledge "the fundamental injustice, cruelty, brutality and inhumanity of slavery and Jim Crow" and officially apologize to "African-Americans on behalf of the people of the United States" and offer a "commitment to rectify the lingering consequences of the misdeeds committed against African-Americans under slavery and Jim Crow and to stop the occurrence of human rights violations in the future."

Cohen has 36 co-sponsors for his resolution, all of which are the usual communist suspects that have been involved in dozens of criminal rip offs, immoral acts and legislation designed to suppress white civil rights for years, including Reps. Patrick J. Kennedy (D-R.I.) and Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio), as well as House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) and several other members of the extremely racist and segregated Congressional Black Caucus.

Cohen tried to join the Black Caucus after the November election but was turned down because he's white. He talks the commie talk, but his skin is the wrong color to be accepted by his black racist cronies who insist upon segregation, for themselves only.

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