How Obama Communists Operate, A Short Introduction

Groups and institutions are the primary targets for the power seeking efforts of the communists. However, communist media serves as an instrument of terror as it carries out political pogroms against freedom loving whites before the actual political war reaches its highest intensity.

There are four principles or demands by which the commies (democrat-republicans) party is guided in this power-seeking quest: (1) to develop means of access to the groups which are its targets; (2) to neutralize competing elites which may be striving to control such target groups; (3) to legitimate, by the controlled media, whatever positions of power that are gained so that such power positions are recognized and accepted by people as sanctioned authority; and (4) to mobilize the captured groups so that they can be set in motion along the lines desired by the party.

We must analyze effectively (a) the bodies of strategy developed by communists with regard to these four demands and (b) many of the operating tactics employed to implement these strategies. Only a few of the strategies need be mentioned here: the formation of small concealed cadres in the target groups (republican party); their mutual efforts to gain official positions; the discrediting of officials and inner groups who stand in their way; the readiness to espouse vigorously the objectives of the target organizations as a means of moving into power; entering into united fronts in such manner as to make impossible demands (political correctness) and then throw on other groups the onus for the breakdown of the united front; the carrying on of conspiratorial activity behind and beyond the facade of the legitimate tasks of official positions.

In general, the quest for power by communists is marked by high adaptability and expediency in tactics. In an ultimate sense the communists seek to develop progressively a net work of power and control inside of established groups and institutions and, thus, to be in a position at the propitious time to displace constitutional authority in a given society. That communist network is in place and flourishing in the USA at this time. However, obama is behind the scene demanding that he be given the position of dictator for life, because enemies that the democrat-republicans have heretofore discounted are rising for a political war to the death. Thus obama’s ruthless reign is the only way, according to obama, that the commies can ultimately win. Obama advocates the initiation of mass violence against white people and incarceration in concentration camps for them also, by 2017.

However, we must recognize the inherent bestiality of the commie, the black racist and the Moslem. They are used to winning and they have won every fight during the past 40 years, during their slow march to power. Now they get very angry if they perceive the promise of a possible derailment of their train to totalitarianism. That anger is expressed in virulent hatred that calls for murder, (black lives matter) and people on this site. See them squirm. They are dangerous felons that only total annihilation can stop. They do not play by honest or fair rules, and they love terror, torture, slavery and murder. Do not be fooled by their false fascades.

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