Homosexual Agression against familys and children.

4064016615?profile=original As the shroud of the Rain Bow flag of the homosexuals seems to descend over the nation fear not. For all these happenings were foretold and must come to pass before the Son of Man returns. For our beloved America is now under judgment by almighty God.

 Now is the time we shall all be tested in our faith and moral character of our nation. People of God stand up to the evil ones! Bear witness to the many condemnations by the Lord and the book of the abomination of Homosexuality and Satan’s doctrine of same sex marriage.

 Resist and stand up to the aggressive and forceful actions and attacks by the wicked against you and your families. Do not be fooled into the acceptance of Perversion and Sodomy just because the evil ones say their perversion is a right! Perversion is not a right but rather a sin to be protected from!

 Remember, Satan is a liar and a deceiver. There is no truth in him. Do not listen to the homosexuals and their demands and doctrine! For they are of Satan. They live an unrepentant and perverted life style that is an abomination to Almighty God!

 Be stead fast and loyal to God and the Holy scriptures and God will lift you up.

For if the purveyors of darkness and perversion do not repent their fate will be sealed in the lake of fire for ever and ever! Amen

Glory be to our lord and savior Jesus Christ.

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