Home Stretch: Lot Happenin' For Lonegan

4063753673?profile=originalThanks folks, you have been awesome. In these last few days before the Wednesday, October 16th special election for the New Jersey U.S. Senate seat, the Lonegan campaign has skyrocketed with national attention and activity. Rush Limbaugh said Lonegan will win.

Sarah Palin is campaigning for Lonegan. Tea Party Express is hosting a rally for Lonegan; keynotes are Sarah Palin and Mark Levin.

Suddenly, Lonegan t-shirts are hot, figuratively worn by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul and supporters across America.

My Conservative Campaign Committee has been pounding the drum for several months for Lonegan. We are running Lonegan radio and TV ads. We are most excited about our Lonegan ads running during Sunday Night Football and the pre-game show.

Our staff is organizing volunteers to phone-from-home for Lonegan, as voter turn out is hugely important. To participate please email: phonefromhome@conservativecampaign.org

But folks, I just want to take a moment to express my deepest thanks and appreciation of you. Your support and contributions have made Lonegan surge from 30 points down to single digits. Remarkable!

Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg threw $1 million to Lonegan's opponent's campaign.

Grassroots efforts for Lonegan simply do not have that kind of money to throw around.

You know me by now folks, I always look for the blessing.

Ours is a We The People movement, working together, united. As grassroots patriots, we make the best with what we have, using our creativity, skills and talents. We spend wisely. We are united in our common goal to restore America.

I spoke on the phone with a Lonegan supporter yesterday who said, “I'm 67. I miss my constitutional America.”

Sending rock-solid constitutional conservatives such as Lonegan to DC is step one.

Also folks, there is something in the air, a new rebellion brewing against the tyranny of the Obama Administration. Truckers are organizing rallies and protests. Veterans are planning rallies and protests. Yes, something is happening.

More than ever, we need politicians on our side who will not blink; refusing to back down simply because Democrats and liberal media call them bad names.

Conservative Republican Steve Lonegan running for U.S. Senate New Jersey is one such politician. We are in the home stretch with only a few days left, folks. Let's get this “good guy” elected.

Thanks again and God Bless.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman: http://www.conservativecampaign.org/


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  • so we lost tonight,,,but they have heard our message,,,and they do all to dismiss and demean us,,,but we are still here,,,and we have made a difference,,,and we have made people wake up,,,and we have made people aware of the disaster that is obamacare and once people are able to get on ;line and get the sticker shock then they will be turning in droves,,,even people that voted for Obama that thought obamacare was a good idea are now turning because of sticker shock,,,,and once these hidden taxes start showing up then people are really going to be pissed,,,and what makes Obama so dangerous is he is working with U N On Gun Treaties,,,He is working on Immigration ,,,and he is involved in so many scandals there is no way to address it all,,,and the democrats are in on it,,,and they are undermining our society just as fast as Obama is and then they have the turncoat republicans who would sell out their mother for a dime,,,but they need to be afraid because with every passing day our numbers grow as Obama is being exposed for what he is,,,A Muslim,,, a muslim will lie,,cheat ,,,steal,,,the Koran tell them to kill the infidel,,,gain their trust and betray them by any means possible,,,and there is only one goal,,,,kill the infidel or convert to muslim,,,,

  • Went to debate between Lonegan and Booker.  Mr. Lonegan answered every question and Booker repeatedly evaded the questions and repeated same answers to all questions even when he was asked the second time.  He went way over his time limit and called us anarchists and extremists.  When he first opened his mouth, I swore it was Obama.  We the People need to stand firm, take our country back, One Nation Under God,  and elect those who love, need and believe in Him.  and work for us, not for their political gain as what we have in office now.   We need Lonegan, praying for him to get elected.  

  • Dems are nervous...and they should be!  Well done Tea Party Patriots.  God Bless you all and your families.  Stand firm in your beliefs and in Christ the One True King.  God is with you.  We have not allowed the Evil One or His soldiers to deceive us.  Christ and His Kingdom reigns from within!!

  • Thank God for Sarah! She is great and she will be a big help all the way to the WH in 2014 @ 2016. Go Sarah go'!!!
  • “There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.”—Charles de Montesquieu

    We labor today under the weight of countless tyrannies, large and small, carried out in the name of the national good by an elite class of government officials who are largely insulated from the ill effects of their actions. We, the middling classes, are not so fortunate. We find ourselves badgered, bullied and browbeaten into bearing the brunt of their arrogance, paying the price for their greed, suffering the backlash for their militarism, agonizing as a result of their inaction, feigning ignorance about their backroom dealings, overlooking their incompetence, turning a blind eye to their misdeeds, cowering from their heavy-handed tactics, and blindly hoping for change that never comes.

  •     Thank You Lloyd Marcus !!!   I hope all the same people can get behind Dr. Greg Bannon in North Carolina , he is one of us and is trying to defeat Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina , she is a demonrat and a rubber stamp for Obam-ass  . Anyone reading this please pass it on to Mr. Marcus and all other patriots trying desperately to clean out the communist swamp in DC .

  • You'd hope that the GOP will learn a lesson from this election.  They should be looking at the level of support, the ideology of Lonegan and the enthusiasm for this election and take heart with the negotiations going on in D.C. over the debt ceiling and shutdown.  

    The dems in D.C. too should take note and start making arrangements for new employment a bit of a year from now.

  • Hope they have addressed the voter fraud issues. Booker is another Obama. Corrupt.


  • Lonegan will not just be another Republican Senator in Washington but he will be a loud voice pushing back like Lee, Cruz and Paul who speak out unafraid to tell the truth. 

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