Did these veterans (ERIC HOLDER) brandish a weapon at someone? Did they commit a gun-related crime? Were they seen in some public forum swearing violent intent?


Veterans are being ATTACKED and DISARMED by a radical thug who NEVER did anything constructive for this country. Eric Holder, the top law enforcement officer of the USA, is also the TOP RADICAL THUG of the USA. He has a past. Veterans also have a past. I'll take my chances with the VETERANS WITH THE PAST. Because part of their past was defending America in the mud, snow and rain. They had to leave the comforts and stability of 'home and school', their parents, sisters and brothers and go to foreign lands to fight an enemy on their turf. They had to watch their buddies get blown to pieces. They had to hold their buddies' head in their lap while they were dying from being mortally wounded and hear the last words, "tell my wife I love her".  This has happened for generations of young men, as young as 18 years old.  This is just another chance for the leftist war-hating, anti-American racist radicals to SPIT in their faces again.

What was ERIC HOLDER doing when he was 18? Read below. Make your choice. Who would you feel more comfortable with owning a gun: A thug or an honorable man who gave sacrifices for us that we can't even imagine. It's also an attack on a physical condition that wasn't any fault of their own. I wonder how Thug Holder would have been like when he came back from the nightmares of hell? He needs to be kicked out of our top law enforcement office and tried for treason.

It's OUR TURN! We simply MUST stand up for these veterans and OURSELVES. We have been assaulted, insulted, discriminated against, called bigots and racists since Jan. 2009. And that includes MY KIDS being insulted by them also. My kids work hard and pay for the welfare BS taking place right now. This entire administration is putting our future kids and grandkids into hell. And THAT pisses ME off! Don't back down from them when they call you dirty names. Pretend you have a giant mirror directed at them - for it is THEY who are what they call us. Now, catch up on some reading about ERIC HOLDER'S past.

As college student, Eric Holder participated in ‘armed’ takeover of former Columbia University ROTC office


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  • Thugs support the election of thugs. Just as we saw thugs attack Fox News reporter and the Tea Party for reporting on Right to Work. Why does the union, if these are representing the union, want to force unionization of workers as we know, if it is a good union, most will join anyway. We call this freedom of choice, and I mean real choice. The other is not a correct use of that word because we know the actual choice was for one to be responsible in their actions and for their own actions. It is not a right for one to be irresponsible, yet the Liberals and Liberal Media support this. I was not able to get what the Liberal Media reported on this thug attack on the Tea Party and Fox. I bet it was watered down or not even reported.

    I believe all should have a right to unionize if an agreement can be reached with the owners of a business. If not then it is the right of that business to be non-union. I do not miss my twinkie but many miss their jobs with them! It seems we are coming to a future where people vote for a President; a Union Officer; and others and it turns out they voted themselves hell.

    Holder is simply carrying out what both Obama and he wants. Obama or any Leader or President can't stop wars for long as we will always have them. Our modern times will only take away citizens rights by use of technology and not protect citizens rights.

    We, even if against the law, but not against our Constitutional rights, will keep our guns. Shove it, Obama, Holder, and NYC MOB thug leaders! NYC has more than most gun murders with many restrictions on guns. It does not work so why support it and want more. "Death Wish" movies we should send the Major of NYC and the Governor!

    I sent historical facts to my two Dumbocrap Senators in Michigan and I got lies and just support for more of the anti-freedom rhetoric. No facts, of course, just lies and they want less shootings. If they really did, they would support gun ownership by lawful citizens which they do not.

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