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How Romney Can KO Obama in Monday Debate!-You Decide:

Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On October 19, 2012:


(Oct. 19, 2012) — The final 2012 presidential debate is scheduled for this coming Monday evening and the subject will be Foreign Policy. This is an area where the Obama Administration has failed more miserably than even their domestic and economic disaster.

The Obama campaign is on the verge of free-fall. The latest Gallup poll shows Romney up 52%-45% over Obama, gaining another point following Obama’s improved debate performance. Immediately following this week’s debate, LIVE pollster FrankLuntz interviewed a group of “undecided” voters, most of whom voted for Obama in 2008. Almost all of them switched to Romney after watching Obama’s more aggressive, but still defenseless performance.

Meanwhile, the Internet was raging with threats to assassinate Mitt Romney, all posted by Barack Obama supporters. The Obama campaign was heading into total meltdown. The Secret Service is aware and following the leads on numerous death threats made against Romney by angry Obama supporters.

Front and center on the national news is Benghazi-gate, although the lame-stream press is not quite up to speed with all of the nasty little details. People have to learn the facts online at publications like Breitbart, until the press has no choice but to confront the truth with Obama and Clinton.

Obama’s Foreign Policy trouble begins right here, with the fact that this administration has experienced more high-level security leaks than a kitchen colander, and the fact that every member of the Military, Intelligence community and State Department knows how dangerous these leaks are to both foreign policy and national security. Even most civilians are smart enough to figure this out.

Next are Obama’s insane Rules of Engagement on the field of battle, responsible for more American KIA and WIA in three years than Bush had in all eight years combined. Then, there are the ongoing bold faced lies from this administration about what is actually happening.

First, they said the 9-11-12 attacks on U.S. Embassies were the result of an obscure anti-Islam third rate youtube video. They said that it was not an act of terrorism and had nothing to do with U.S. Foreign Policy, or even with radical Islam.

They told us it wasn’t a planned attack, but rather another organic reaction to a youtube video. They even arrested the film producer, whom we have not seen or heard from since.

Then we all watched terrorists raise the black flag of jihad over our embassies. We watched our Ambassador be raped, murdered and dragged through the streets. We saw the initial attack spread across the Middle East, country after country, embassy after embassy.

Two weeks after the attacks, Obama still didn’t have the FBI on the ground investigating, after all the evidence was long gone. The last time America had an ambassador assassinated was under Jimmy Carter, the last president to project a weak Foreign Policy and a tolerance that borders on an open invitation, for terrorist acts against America.

Eventually, they admit what many of us knew from the start, that the youtube film had nothing to do with it, that it was terrorist groups, it was a planned attack, many of them, and that the very people that Obama and Clinton “liberated” in the Middle East were now attacking their liberators, with U.S. weapons.

The so-called Arab Spring was not organic at all. The entire meltdown of the Middle East is nothing but a community organizing operation run out of the Obama White House and State Department — using old organizing friends like Ayers and Dohrn, on the ground in the Middle East months in advance to stir, fund and arm the uprising that ended with the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of the Middle East.

My Note:  The following articles and/or blog posts support the above statement-You Decide:


You wouldn’t expect George Soros’ tentacles here, or would you? ‘Group promoting ‘peace’ in Middle East tied to Occupy, MoveOn, ACORN, more!’-Posted on WND.com-By Aaron Klein-On December 25, 2011:



Another Soros tie to Occupy Wall Street. Envisions ‘New Economic World Order’ no longer dominated by 1 superpower!-Posted on Klein Online-On October 13, 2011:


In short, the Obama Administration is indeed promoting democracy (mob rule by a proletariat) here and abroad. In the Middle East, when you give terrorists the power to elect their own government, it turns out they elect terrorists. Who would have guessed?

American tax dollars were used to ignite the Muslim uprising across the Middle East, then topple numerous Middle Eastern governments, resulting in a totally destabilized region which in the end, is using U.S. funds, technologies and arms to attack American soldiers and Embassies across the region.

It’s hard to imagine a worse Foreign Policy than that, but it does get worse.

Bill Clinton sold nuclear technology to China during the 90s. China and Russia shared that technology with North Korea and now Iran. While the Obama Administration claims that Iran is still a few years from having long range nuclear weapons, the truth is that they most likely have it today, purchased from Russia, China and North Korea.

Iran is again threatening to destroy Israel and the U.S. President is too busy fund raising to meet with Netanyahu, leaving Israel in a position of having to defend itself unilaterally.

Benghazi might be the tipping point, as more and more information drips out into public view. Americans died needlessly, brutally, on Obama’s watch. And the Administration is only worried about who to blame in order to protect Obama.

The Obama Administration is still searching for who to blame, with Obama and Biden acting like they never heard of Benghazibefore, Hillary Clinton trying to take one for the team, then blaming Intel for getting it all wrong, denying that they reduced security at the embassies only to later claim that they did have requests for more security.

In the end, it appears that they all knew there was a significant increasing threat and simply refused to answer calls for better protection only days before the attacks. Despite their efforts to blame their failures upon an obscure youtube film, it is Obama and Clinton who are responsible for the numerous attacks on U.S. Embassies.

Many 2008 Obama supporters are jumping ship and switching to Romney in 2012. Others are panicked and threatening to assassinate Mitt Romney if Obama loses his re-election bid. Both make Obama’s chances of re-election look dismal and that makes Obama very desperate.

Some are floating theories that Obama might open up strikes on Libya or Syria, just to change the headlines.

But if Romney uses all of these facts to tear Obama’s Foreign Policy apart in the last debate, he can knock Obama out of the race and well he should.

Our soldiers don’t take an oath to any politician. They take an oath to the U.S. Constitution and the American people, to protect and defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They don’t risk life and limb for wealth redistribution or some Marxist utopian global vision.

They risk life and limb for freedom and liberty. Americans bow to nobody!

Romney must remind the American people of this next Monday night and he must hold Obama accountable for the many disasters he has created. If he does, that will bring about the end of the worst administration in U.S. history.

If he doesn’t, God help America!




4063359777?profile=originalNote: The following articles and/or blog posts relate to and/or further support the above article and/or blog post-You Decide:



“The CIA is indicating that they told Washington the Benghazi attack was militant in nature, rather than spontaneous, within 24 hours of its occurrence. 

According to a report released today, the “CIA station chief in Libya” alerted Washington that the attack was not in response to a video. 

However, media outlets are doing their best to leave Obama a little wiggle room by claiming “it is unclear who, if anyone, saw the cable outside the CIA at that point.” In other words, the station manager sent the alert, but there’s no hard evidence anyone saw the alert in Washington.

Quick question: What does it say about the culture within the Obama administration if, in fact, they ignored or didn’t even look at the CIA alert? 

The CIA station chief did his job and compiled a report within 24 hours based on eye-witness interviews. This is going make it much, much harder for the mainstream media to blame the intelligence community for Benghazi. 




More On Benghazi!-Posted on Western Journalism-By JIM EMERSON-On October 20, 2012:

“The murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans was part of a larger strategy to drive all western influence out of Libya.  An earlier attack on an International Red Cross facility and an RPG attack on the British Ambassador’s vehicle drove the British out of Benghazi. Feeling emboldened, the extremists felt that they could force the Americans to leave. Earlier, probing attacks yielded little results; but the lack of a response from the Americans sent a clear message: the United States or the Libyan government would not respond to future attacks.


Retired Colonel David Hunt properly laid the blame of the death of 4 Americans at Benghazi on Secretary Hillary Clinton and her State Department. He pointed out that it was Hillary Clinton who prohibited the posting of Marines at any diplomatic posts in Libya.  The only security allowed were local, contracted security guards who weren’t allowed to have loaded weapons. It made sense that they would run when the consulate was under attack; they couldn’t fight back. This tragedy is what happens when your policy is based on political correctness.

The most incompetent security official of all time, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb, believed that the consulate had the right amount of security prior to the attack.  She actively opposed any requests for additional security measures despite previous attacks on diplomatic posts.  Col. Hunt compared the mission to a cardboard box, and the people within the compound didn’t have a chance; since the guards weren’t allowed to carry bullets, the facility was an easy target. Seems like Ms. Lamb’s expertise makes her less qualified than a junior mall cop. Americans died because she wanted to be politically correct by maintaining a low profile in Libya.

They knew it was happening:

Testifying before Congress Ms. Lamb said the State Department was aware of the September 11 attack while it was in progress via instant audio and video feeds being provided in real time from communications equipment on the compound in Benghazi. The feed was also provided to operations centers in the Pentagon, Key Military units, Intelligence Agencies, FBI, State Department, and the White House. For six hours, the Administration heard and saw the events as they were happening and did nothing. That is called failure of leadership; Mr. Obama is too busy appearing on the David Letterman and Jon Stewart shows trying to hide his own incompetence.

If it wasn’t for Col. Hunt, this little detail of the Benghazi murders would have never been reported.”




It’s Not Complicated!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On October 19, 2012:


by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Is this what our granddaughters will be forced to wear?

(Oct. 19, 2012) — I was watching one of the mundane television “news” shows, and this person said she was “for” Obama, and that got me to thinking that she wasn’t “for anything,“ but, rather, “against everything.”

For instance, we all know that this Obama character has never been vetted as to his legal qualifications to hold the office of president. Everybody knows except Obots, who find it expressly difficult to decipher fake and fraudulent Birth Certificates, and when cornered, answer that, actually, both Birth Certificates were and are legal and the insurmountable evidence to the contrary doesn’t fit into their way of thinking. Don’t bother us with facts, they say, and then retort with the “racist” epitaph, as if calling someone a name can erase the truth.

Another Truth is that our economy is alive and healthy, or would be if Obama and the Fed would leave their nefarious mitts off of it.  The so-called “stimulus” money borrowed from China doesn’t make any sense, especially since China can’t take care of their children who suffer from horrible clefts and have to rely on American doctors to rectify the situation. Something, indeed, is rotten in Denmark.

And rotten is precisely the word.  Why, there’s an election in the Netherlands and all the candidates are Muslim, a fate that we can look forward to. Your granddaughters will all be wearing burqas. Sharia will be the law of the land and our Constitution a fading memory, as will be Christmas and Easter.

I am not responsible for the failure of illegal immigrants to become legal immigrants. It’s not my problem, nor is it yours. And we’re not responsible for the neglect of illegal immigrant parents as to their children becoming legal citizens. So, bottom line? When I say ALL illegal immigrants must be deported, that includes the children of the irresponsible parents. Such a shame and too bad, but the word “illegal” has only one meaning.  You can reform all you want, but you can’t reform breaking the law.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a con.  It’s a privately-owned business that’s out to steal as much from you as they can get away with, and they’re getting away with the kitchen sink by passing today’s debt onto the unborn citizens of our country. The Fed is a shell game and the National Debt is nothing more than fancy bookkeeping, otherwise known far and wide as the “National Fleece.” Our so-called money is nothing but a promissory note that is backed by NOTHING. All of the wealth of America is backed by an empty promise. Abolish the Fed and we take control of our own money; the sooner, the better.  While we’re at it, I’d tell China and the UN to take a hike.

Think about it: do you want control of America or are we to give it away to the 535 crooks in Congress who represent themselves, first, and you and I are at the bottom of their list?

And now, to end on a positive note, buy guns and plenty of ammo because it’s better to go down fighting than to be led to slaughter as a lamb, I’d say. What, you think our enemy is just sitting around playing Parcheesi? I wouldn’t count on it.






Coming Down to the Wire!-Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On October 19, 2012:


by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Oct. 19, 2012) — We’ve now had three debates, two by the presidential contenders, and one by the vice presidential contenders, and we should have a fairly good understanding of where each is coming from, and how each considers handling the issues at hand before us.

Most of those touting these elections are making their talking points on the issues immediately at hand, and while they are of extreme importance, it is no less important to take note of how they came to be problems, issues needing resolution, and whether they became problems because of past political action, wrongly taken, or if they are natural to progression in a culture.

We have the most massive “debtor society” ever to exist in history, and we have it solely because the original form of our Nation, our principles and precepts provided for unprecedented growth, productivity, and innovation, moving our Nation forward at a pace no other Nation in history has ever experienced.  At the same time, we have lived in much the same way as previous generations, as if all of this growth has come without any commensurate growth in responsibility.

Our growth has brought two diametrically competing ideologies into direct confrontation, the idea of self-government and sovereign citizenship, and the idea of socialism, and society superseding rights and liberties of the individual.  The personalities and circumstances provide they must play out the confrontation in this election, as there is no room left for both; they exist in conflict with each other.

The founded Nation depends on individual initiative, personal responsibility; assumption by the citizen of the Sovereign Duties which must be fulfilled in every State or Nation if it is not to fall. The limits placed on the federal government keeping local issues entirely in the hands of The States, and The People, respectively, and not subject national debate.

We have the remnants of the “founded Nation” and the substantial portion of our population, which remains in the same or similar circumstances as in the past.  The citizens making up this portion remain of the established mindset.

On the other side are those who stand on the notion our establishment was less than perfect, and progressive ideas must be used to modify and alter our Nation to provide the egalitarian opportunity we see as rightfully that of all citizens.  There can be no doubt our beginning was less than perfect, yet there should be equally no doubt, the necessary alterations were limited and precise, issues of equal application of the law, and consequences of failure to do so.

We know there had to have been active progress from the initial establishment to eliminate inequity, and from this, “progressivism” had its rightful place.  At the same time, we know that most of the principles and precepts we established upon, were time tested, true, and absolutely necessary for egalitarian life.  That our Western, Judeo-Christian culture is based on a “natural order” foundation arrived at by the Greeks, where logic and reason found principles, and these social principles are in the main, exactly the same as those found through religious doctrine derived from Judeo-Christian precept, means we have the best set of tools possible to establish a truly egalitarian society.

Progressive change to bring principle to bear equally, and provide an equal opportunity for all has continued from the start, and while one can always find inequality on outcome, it must be realized at some point, we have made equal opportunity as close as is humanly possible, and at such a point, we must stop, because man is not constantly changing, but is relatively stable, and can be seen as such by our history.

This Nation has the opportunity to “get it right” as no other ever has before, because we have a greater access to the full knowledge of the history of the world, more than at any time in the past; all the failures, and causes, and we also have great cause to stop our current attitude towards change, looking at the world before us, and knowing at the very least, some of what we are confronted with is in direct result of bad planning, poor decisions in the past, and the utter failure to adhere to our principles.

Our world is at a crisis point, one with a common source, an utter failure of principle allowing the whole world’s economy be operated on a “relative base” with no attempt to established any fixed value for the exchange of commodities.  This idea is based on the fact that by logic, it will work as well as any, if every participant is absolutely honest and no participant seeks advantage.

That world does not exist, and our current stance, teetering on the edge serves as proof beyond all doubt, and some Nation is going to choose to take the conservative position, and re-establish on a firm foundation.  The Nation whose people choose this first, will be the first benefactors of security in economics, and will lead while economies are in flux.  We will determine the cost of our fecklessness by how responsibly we act, and how much vigor we put in setting our affairs in order.  We can lead, or as ‘chief debtor’, we can be driven.  We have to choose if we would lead.”



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Semper Fi!


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