History repeating itself?

I have been observing events over the past years and I am becoming more alarmed at what I have been seeing. I remember over the course of history some disturbing things. We have had great empires in the past. The Egyptian, Greek, and Roman Empires. What is interesting is that these empires were at their peak when their military was at its strongest but even more importantly the people's sense of nationalism and patriotism was at its apex. At these times the people thought that they were invincible....and at that time they were. They began to enjoy the fruits of their power kick back and suck it all in. This resulted in their becoming more self centered and believing that everything was theirs by privilege. They began to forget the battles and fields of blood that was the cost of such fruits of victory....and this was especially true in future generations where the population didn't experience war as a part of personal experience. Sure future battles were to be fought but they were far from the homeland and with such wealth as they had....they mainly just paid off mercenaries to fight these battles for them to a degree. The citizens, military, and politicians in particular became soft and flabby (looking at the Romans in this case). However, it was decadence that brought these empires down. The break down of families and the huge sex orgies and such laziness by the population like nothing else existed outside of their own little world. Homosexuality and actions with animals and other horrendous things took place.......like in the sands of the arena.....where the image of fat Romans taking in a comfortable afternoon eating and laughing.......while watching Christians being thrown to the lions or watching gladiators fighting to the death. Human life...outside of their own...became meaningless. This makes me fear in a way on a sidenote.....could this cheapness of life being taught to our youth in our country via violent video games.....then playing out in schoolyard shootings? In these empires of our past......none of them were brought down militarily. They all basically collapsed from within. We could consider ourselves as an empire once we gained our freedom since we have not been brought down since but we are certainly getting weaker. Remembering the strength of empires before us, they were at their peak as they returned home from the battlefield victorious and the population were united and had something to be proud of. Sounds a little like us during VE and VJ day? Since the surrender of Japan at the conclusion of WWII, we seemed to have taken a downward turn.

Is history going to repeat itself? In 1939 when ole Adolf was beginning to cause problems in Europe and Japan began sparring with China, everyone was in a sense of denial......after all a horrible WWI had just been fought just a few decades before and that kind of war could not happen again.....or could it? Germany invaded a portion of Austria due to the presence of a large German ethinic population.....hmm....Crimea parallel?  Okay....acceptable. Next came Poland. Europe was still in denial but they did send some troops to re enforce some set piece positions around France. Russia was also in denial as they signed a non aggression pact with Hitler. Then Germany broke out into an all out war in Europe. It just couldn't happen again after the gas and trench warfare during WWI? The battles began to be fought and country after country began to fall in part due to their own denial of what was happening a few years before. The USA woke up (to a degree) and we became the Arsenal for Democracy as we supplied the Europeans hardware for their war effort but no troops. We stayed fat, dumb, and happy protected on either side by oceans. Well, that lasted until we were attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor and in the Philippines Dec. 7, 1941...the day that will live in infamy. We declared war on Japan and guess what?....Germany and Italy declared war on us. We were now involved whether we wanted to be or not. Thankfully our oceans DID protect us and gave us a time to rebuild, gear up a wartime industry, and train troops for battle. We almost waited too long. We just barely beat Germany in developing atomic arms.....and they already had somewhat of a delivery system with the V1 and V2 rockets......the first missiles. Well, we got away with it again and we suffered no direct damage to the country save Hawaii. Will history repeat itself? Our hardened victorious veterans returned home to a very patriotic crowd cheering them on. They came home and married and started raising families....the beginning of the baby boom. We were a very God fearing and religious country at that point and hard working. Divorce was almost unheard of. We began a downturn of sorts after the war and it showed when the Korean War broke out. I don't recall the battle but we suffered our greatest defeat on the ground in Korea but we held on and won....sort of. We also....for the time being....gained the respect of the Chinese. It ended in an Armistice at the 38 parallel. That rocked us a bit. Then came Vietnam in 1965. Personally, even with a defense pact with South Vietnam, I would have not committed to defending them until the rid the government and the military of ALL corruption. As a result, the majority of that war we did most of the fighting. But South Vietnam was NOT part of the USA. We were powerless to win that war unless South Vietnam cleaned their act up politically. They didn't and they fell......and as a result....so did we. We lost our first war......yet in that war we did not lose a single battle. We were humiliated. Even our very close friends the Thais ordered our two military bases closed there. Our long time friends the Philippines didn't trust us either plus they thought that we were in bed with the Marcos regime and they closed our two bases there and booted us out of the country. Guess what? There were protests in the Philippines during Obama's recent visit there because there was a rumor that we were going to have greater military presence there. After all these years the Filipinos don't trust us and can you blame them?  They trusted MacArthur when Japan overran the Philippines when he said that he would return but they don't trust us now. Then our old friend the shah of Iran. We never should have befriended him to begin with as he was very brutal. After the revolution and our embassy was overrun and hostages were taken....we were again humiliated. That became more evident when President Jimmy Carter tried to micromanage a military rescue of the hostages and we failed miserably without even making substantial enemy contact! Say what you want about Iran but they are NOT stupid. The USA had enough of being the butt of jokes around the world and we elected President Ronald Regan and the Iranians had no doubt what Reagan would do when he got into office. During Reagan being sworn in.....an airline carrying our hostages left Tehran. President Regan brought us back. We were weak in leadership and our military underperformed under President Carter. Carter's intentions in general were honorable but he had absolutely no military experience and he always expected the best in people. If I could make one change in our laws today.....it would be that our Commander in Chief at least be a veteran. Before one can lead.....one must follow. We made a comeback because....unlike the previous empires......we were NOT decadent! We had very vocal anti Vietnam protests which I disagreed with but at least that showed that we still cared about the state of our country. Under President Reagan, we made a come back and he rebuilt our defense and put enormous pressure on the Soviet Union. We won some conflicts in Grenada and a few others. Finally.....the famous words......Mr Gorbachev.....tear down this wall!!! We had gotten our second chance and we took it. H.W Bush and Clinton came in and even though our military weakened yet again....Clinton gave us our first National Surplus that we haven't had in a very long time. Sadly, its been downhill ever since. G.W. Bush came in and ran into a problem. Evidence was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and Sadam were using them on his own people in the north. There was photographic evidence that these weapons....apparently mustard gas...was used on the Kurds due to the presence of chemical burns. Well.....being a "good" country, Bush put pressure on Saddam. What does he get in return? Saddam decides to "borrow" Kuwait and invade Saudi Arabia. Bush unleashed our military against Saddam and overran them quickly. Saddam could only forestall the eventual defeat by withdrawing his Republican Guard to around Baghdad and take to more or less guerilla warfare. We won the war but found no weapons of mass destruction. The US population was really pissed! Where could they have gone?.....or was Bush lying?  Jump ahead some years and you learn that Syria used chemical munitions against their own population. Guess what country shares a border with Syria!!!......DUHHH!!!!.... Along comes Obama. When I was employed by the Federal Government, I had to prove I was a U.S. citizen. How in the world did Obama get out of doing that?  If memory serves.....when I joined the military in '74', I had to submit my Birth Certificate to prove my age. Maybe times changed. Right now I can't refer to Obama as president because I do not know if he is our president legally. He proves it and presents a valid birth certificate.....then he will be my president. Not a good one however. As far as I am concerned, he has done more damage to our country than any other person that I know about. I am afraid to even guess the condition of our military right now. We lose a war in Afghanistan? They are a much weaker military power than North Vietnam! North Vietnam had the best SAM defense in the whole world when we fought them. Our military and our country is a laughing stock. China challenges Japan and Philippine sovereignty with impunity without and fear and no respect for our military and certainly no respect for our leadership. Russia grabs Crimea. Iran thumbs its nose at us and, whether we want to believe it or not, continues to advance its nuclear weapons program. So they change their enriched Uranium to an oxide? It is absolutely no effort to convert it back to weapons grade again whenever they like. They even want to send one of the hostage takers over to the USA to be the Iranian Ambassador? Obama finally declined to allow that from happening but it took enormous pressure on him for that to take place. We have great workers in our country. What happens? Obama taxes us like crazy and brings forth this obamacare. What happened to free market enterprise? Health insurance isn't the only place that free enterprise dies. Our best minds and most successful businesses are now trying to protect what is theirs by moving their capital overseas. Some have moved it to Swiss Banks and to Singapore. Obama has put some kind of pressure on those countries to not allow our wealthiest Americans to invest their hard earned AND ALREADY TAXED money into those economies. That way their money can return here so that Obama can tax them AGAIN! Those businessmen in no way in hell are the going to invest money in businesses here in the USA in such a hostile business atmosphere! Low unemployment rate? How about people just giving up looking for work?  Remember what I said about decadence? We have a large number of our domestic population now on government assistance. Highest number on food stamps....highest on Medicaid. The rest of us supports them by paying high obamacare premiums and high deductibles. Remember what I said about decadence? People on food stamps and Medicaid now have no incentive to go look for work. Our once proud workforce that are currently unemployed are very discouraged because even if they did find work?.....They would just pay a majority of what they earn to high taxes and obamacare.....what's the use? You add to that the flood of illegal immigrants coming across the border being welcomed by Obama and they will work for a fraction of a wage that our unemployed need to work for....after all....unlike the illegal aliens....they HAVE to pay taxes and they are not on Medicaid. My heart goes out to our proud citizens (who are probably not proud any longer) who have tried to find work and against such odds as they face.....have given up. This is the FIRST time in my life that I have seen ANY Americans in numbers "give up"!!  Traditionally since we gained our independence we are all warriors and we are all WINNERS!

NOW I begin to see a parallel with us and the fallen Roman Empire. The liberals, all fat, dumb, and happy along with all the muslims that have come into our country at a rate I can't believe. It took me 14 months to get my Filipino wife here legally on an immigrant visa. Don't forget the illegals coming across our southern border to take their turn at the trough. All these listed above along with Obama at the head.....are now sitting in the arena with the rest of us being thrown onto the sand to fight one another for scraps or to the lions......as the once CEO for Firefox was thrown....and the rest of us are in the cages below the arena awaiting our turn on the sand. Yes....they are all laughing....getting drunk....getting fat and having their big orgies while the rest of us perish. Yes........I now DO see a parallel between us and the fallen empires before us. They have even taken God away from us. For us that remain in slavery under Obama as the Jews once were to the Egyptians.......will God hear our cry for help?  My God, please save us! God Bless you all and thank you for letting me rave on.

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