“His Majesty” Obama’s Perverted Social Justice


America meet “Obama’s social justice or better yet social injustice” a robin hood philosophy that circumvents the laws of our land attacking our freedoms and rights.  In the past five years, Obama has sold us a pig in a poke wrapped up in pretty ribbon with all of the Liberal bells and whistles.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that our beautiful America and American citizens are slowly becoming the property of “big Government.”   In five years Obama has changed the social landscape in our great Nation by redistributing our money, changing laws and picking and choosing who receives certain advantages and who are the recipients of certain disadvantages.     

 For 50 some odd years, a very small minority group has fought “God” Christianity, the Cross, memorials and a slew of other important things like our children and our children’s education.

 Everyone knows the group that is described above and each year their war on Christmas grows as they litter our streets, highways and public areas with billboards and signs in their feeble attempt to remove “God” from our Nation.  Every year a Liberal judge plays Robin Hood and gives them another slice of our God given freedoms.

Next comes Obama’s “social political justice” which merely means a selective process that buys votes and support for Barack Obama and the DEMS.  Obama chooses include the LGBT community and illegal aliens over African Americans - African Americans are the recipients of the disadvantages.  Selective is the keyword here – Obama perceives that he already has the African American votes in the bag so he turns on them chastising them when they express their grievances. 

Big daddy Obama told the African American community to “Take off your bedroom slippers, put on your marching shoes.  Shake it off. Stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying.”  But notice that the LGBT community has managed to get everything their little heart’s desire. 

This group of people are pretty savvy about the political process and they did two things; (1) They voted for Obama with strings attached – meaning Obama would have to pay them off just like he did with his big bundlers, and (2) They vetted him arming themselves with damaging information about Obama’s relationships and activities before he ran for office.

They forced Obama to flip flop on marriage – he retracted his statements that marriage was between a man and women.  But their wish list kept growing and unlike the majority of Americans, they made the Government work for them.

Obama gave them ““Don’t ask, Don’t tell” in the Military, which probably wasn’t the safest decision for our brave Military men and women, but that will be an issue debated later after we have a few more wars under our belt.

It’s a mystery why they haven’t quite figured how what caused the HIV /Aids epidemic, but they don’t have a clue or do they?  Anyway in order to continue their lifestyle they’ve asked for more money, lots more money from Obama in order to reduce the number of HIV infections via increased training and various support services. 4063829803?profile=original

Obama with that favorite pen he keeps talking about gave them more hate crime laws, supported their civil unions and followed by more and more discrimination laws. That my friends is “Political Social  Injustice.”

Then along came the somewhat ugly face of what Obama calls social justice or economic disparity, which included Obamacare, Common Core, IRS, NSA and of course the not so famous  “Dream Act” which benefits about 20 ml. illegals – this was a mere ploy to purchase Hispanic Votes for the 2012 Presidential Election. Obama’s pen at work again, as he says with or without Congress.  

As is the President’s style he’s revised, changed amended and screwed around with the “Dream Act” to suit his fancy, but the bottom line is this – Obama has managed to give a safe haven to the illegals until  he gets his way on immigration. 

Obama’s State of the Union Address laid out his “social justice” plans for Americans in the next 3 years, which includes income inequality, more redistribution, raising minimum wage, climate change, further revisions of Obamacare and immigration changes - he threatens Congress and Americans that he will do this with or without them… 

As mentioned earlier Obama picks and chooses who receives certain advantages and who the recipients are of certain disadvantages (and that would be us – the taxpayers).  Obama’s  robin hood philosophy of social justice has in fact harmed all working Americans, our economy, or job growth, our children’s education and has stalled the “American Dream” diminishing our freedom and rights.    

The next time you hear Barack Obama speak of social justice, income equality or economic disparity grabbed your wallet and run, because he’s about to place one more costly burden on your shoulders. 

 “His Majesty” Obama has big plans for America, but like O’Reilly said to Geraldo Rivera, “I don’t think he has majesty! He’s not a king!” O’Reilly said, adding that he respects the office of the presidency but presidents still need to be held accountable.  O'Reilly, let's get one thing straight "accountable" to Obama is making sure that all hard working Americans contribute to his perverted social justice agenda - so far he's won that battle!

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • Robert S. Winters Jr.

       The FCC does monitor VHF/UHF frequencies that are assigned.  Think of the radio spectrum as the outer space.  There are lots of frequencies.  But as long as we are not at war, we will be legal.  We can use frequencies that are assigned for GMRS and FRS.  I really would like to see everyone that can get an Amateur Radio Technician License.  I teach a class about every three months in South Central PA. that we call Ham In A Day.  We have anywhere from a 77% to an 86% success rate.  I love CB radios.  I think everyone that will be headed to the OAS in DC on 16 May should have a mobile in their vehicles.  I like CB hand held radios.  If you can find a CB shop, it is worth the money to get the basic  peak and tune.  We can change frequencies often if we can get everyone working together.  We can shift from CB to VHF to UHF and throw a currier in someplace just to mix it up.  With a computer hooked up to the radios they will frequency hop.   There are lots of things that can be done, but we have to start someplace.  Let us start with CB's and these cheap BAOFENG radios.  I like the model UV-5R best but any of them will do.     

  • Never ever underestimate YANKEE INGINUITY.

  • Robert S. Winters Sr.

    Everything you say is correct, for a "standing army" (read militia if you wish), however:

    • Since Viet Nam the majority of conflicts have been "urban" or "guerrilla" warfare (which seems appropriate in Berry's case), with a few notable exceptions such as Kosovo, Saddam was a major departure and we all saw how fast his clock was cleaned.
    • Urban conflict is not fought as is traditional armed combat and we should not expect that kind of stand-up fight--I can pretty much guarantee that our own military does not see much beyond door-to-door fighting where a "civil uprising" is concerned.
    • Further, "urban" or "guerrilla" warfare has it's own problems and solutions, i.e., everybody knows who the bad guys are--the folks wearing the uniforms.  As apposed to the defenders, all wearing civies, and nearly impossible to ID easily.
    • As far as weapons--all armies have the same problem, i.e., when one of yours goes down all his stuff (even his uniform) now belongs to the other guys.  This is not the civilized warfare your mother told you about...

    So what makes the difference when a civilian population can go toe-to-toe with a superpower, and win?  Hate plays a big part.  Both the US in SE asia and the Russians in Afghanistan were fighting a people that hated the occupying army, and no training, no doctrine and no shiny weapons can, or could, replace the determination that comes from defending your city, your town or your own home.

    Berry and his arab buddies know this and it is one of the few reasons we aren't all wearing wearing rags on our heads (or facing East when we pray) right now.

  • Dr. Sanders, I sure goofed up this time, didn't I????

  • Paul Z. I hope you get the funds for the research but in the event you can't get help from the libs for your grandson, here is a sugestion.. If you don't get the funds, it would help if on your application you mentioned that the African Dung Beetles are gay. That just may make a difference. If the funds don't come through your grandson is welcome to stay here in Rio Rico, AZ. We have domestic dung beetles but unfortunately they are not gay but what the heck, it's not a perfect world. Good luck. Let me know.

  • to:  Mo Brooks
    Dear Congressman Brooks,

    I am a 75 year old, American Citizen, born in San Diego, Ca.
    I served 3 years in the US Navy, my father also served in the US Navy in the 1930's and was drafted in WW2 (when he was

    married with 3 children).   Both of my younger brothers have also served in the US Navy.

    Here is my problem:  I cannot access the Facebook web site via the icon on Healthcare.gov.  I have tried the CHAT feature

    and get NO useable help from them.  My wife is 60 years old and has NO medical insurance and I am trying to obey the law.

    How about introducing a bill in Congress that PROHIBITS putting icons to non government web sites on any .gov web site? 

    This would insure that every American citizen would have equal treatment under the law.

    Thank you,

    Don Parks

  • SGT. Elliot: Doesn't the FCC monitor the channels for most VHF/UHF radios? In the military we changed frequencies often to prevent the enemy from eaves dropping. Someone on one of these blogs suggested that there are local militias to join.  I was under the impression that local militias were the national guard. One has to wonder, if battle field conditions are to be followed don't we need a chain of command? The military fights, eats, sleeps as a team. WE covered each others back side's when the going got tough. Besides ex-military personal, some of us older than we where, where's the training, the logistics for a military type exercise, otherwise we are a bunch of farmers with pitch folks and shotguns. Sounds scary, fools with no combat experience and semi auto weapons. Don't like the sound of it. We ain't a going fishing, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition. 

  • Marcia

    I thought you were going to say that "when the wants and desires of the royals outweigh the will of the people..." the people revolt and guillotine their heads off.

    As I recall King Louie and Queen Marie had their heads put on display as a warning to other despots, despots like Berry Soetoro Soebarkah Obama his "wife," and their associates.

  • After hearing Pelosi & Schumer praise how good Obamacare will be for anyone deciding they don't want to work, but still get Free health care & welfare, I sent this email to all the Liberals I know!

    Could you please send money so my Grandson can study the life-cycle & mating-habits of the African Dung Beetle?
    In order to pursue this career choice to fulfill his dreams, he needs to free from the bondage of a job and health care,  but still get Free health care & welfare.
    Send 25% of  your after-tax income to: Paul Z.  Thank you very much. 
    p.s. This will free him in his pursuit of happiness.
  • Robert S. Winters Sr.  That time is only a few months off.  I am encouraging everyone to start with a CB radio and a good antenna system.  Then we need everyone to get VHF/UHF equipment and learn how to use it.  Then we will need to get into HF radios.  Then we will get into digital modes and then into frequency hoping.

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