Hillary’s House of Cards

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on americanpbn.com

What does she have to hide? And for that matter, what does the Department of State have hou-1.jpg?width=222to hide? Those are both very good questions and as to the former, Hillary Clinton has plenty to hide and she’s done her level best to hide it all. She kept all of her documents and her email on a private server and used only her private email for every last bit of correspondence throughout her entire reign of terror at the Department of State.

She tried to have her server wiped clean.

She had her minions stall…for years…with regard to turning over ANY of her emails.

She had other minions HIDE her private server…in a BATHROOM…for years.

She hand-picked those who would finally go through her emails and they, and ONLY they, would decide what emails would eventually be turned over to investigators and to the Department of State.

She lied…repeatedly…regarding the nature and sensitivity of what was contained on her private, hidden server.

She lied in sworn testimony…over and over again.

The list just goes on and on but…now facing a deadline, January 29th to be exact, the deadline for the Department of State to have turned over every last shred of emails from Hillary Clinton’s server…at least the ones she GAVE the Department of State…said Department has now filed in a federal court to…


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