The debacle that was Hillary Clinton’s dishonest testimony before Trey Gowdy and the Benghazi committee was hard to take. I know the progressives/socialist/Democrats are engaged in an endless campaign to convince the American people that Hillary was bullied and generally mistreated by the Committee. But except for the low information voters who will support her anyway, many were not convinced by her lies and lawyerly explanations. I suppose we can take some solace in her not having repeated, “I don’t recall,” “I don’t remember,” or “What difference does it make!” At this point, maybe even Hillary knows that her explanations are false, her memory selective and her overall time as Secretary of State, a disservice to the American people. Maybe, but don’t count on it.

The attack on Benghazi was a disgrace, the outcome a horror and a tragedy. Fighting for their lives were four Americans who put themselves in harm’s way. They didn’t so it for the glory or for the  HILLARY LIARmoney. The four were there because it was their job; because they chose to defend their fellow Americans. They died because no one in this administration answered that “3 a.m. phone call” which Queen Hillary wished to make such a big part of her legacy.

Hillary had the audacity, the shameless gall to meet with and lie to the families of the Benghazi dead. Susan Rice lied throughout the Sunday morning talk show circuit. And Samantha Powers repeated all of the lies approved by the Regime for distribution before the United Nations.

BLUMENTHAL AND HILLARYHillary, Blumenthal and “unsolicited” emails

And then there is Sidney Blumenthal, a long-time confidant of the Clintons who appears to have played secret intel conduit for Hillary while being paid $10,000/month by the Clinton Foundation. Why was this allowed to happen when even the Obama Regime wanted nothing to do with Blumenthal? At first and until    yesterday’s hearing, Hillary claimed all of her correspondence with Blumenthal was unsolicited. If that was the case and they were of no use to Hillary, why did she pass the emails on?

Of course Hillary, who describes Blumenthal as an “Old Friend,” knew nothing of his business dealing in Libya. After all, that would have constituted a clear conflict of interest. Yet Hillary sent an e-mail to Blumenthal in which she wrote, “Another Keeper, thanks and keep them coming.” After being confronted with that bit of information, she changed her description of correspondence with Blumenthal from “unsolicited” to “started out unsolicited.” Lies should be nothing if not accurate!

BENGHAZI RIOTSBenghazi rioters

It was Hillary who began the U.S. air campaign in Libya and she still claims that it was a successful intervention. And she wants the American people to believe that the reason it all fell apart; the   reason Islamic terrorism is spreading through all of North Africa and the Middle East, has something to do with a video.

Hillary has the attitude that she has done nothing wrong; that the rules and regulations of the United States do not apply to her. She does not care that the corruption of the Obama Regime, that her incompetence in Foreign Policy led directly to the death of 4 Americans and God knows how many others in the aftermath of the collapse of Libya. The malignancy of this debacle and the disgrace connected with its aftermath will be with us for years to come.

BENGHAZI DEADFour Americans died in Benghazi

The death of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, Navy Seal Glen Doherty, Information Officer Sean Smith and the blood spilled by countless others—all are on your hands, Hillary. And only your fellow, leftist Democrats have the monumental gall necessary to believe that at this point, it makes no difference.

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