Herman Cain: "Stupid and Gullible People Are Running America!"



George Washington was a GREAT FOUNDING FATHER!! George Washington was a lot SMARTER than the WEAK / PARASITE that is in the WHITE-HOUSE DESTROYING our NATION from WITHIN!! Our FOUNDING FATHERS would BE Very ANGRY at Barack Hussein Obama Jr aka BARRY SOETORO for DESTROYING this NATION they BUILT!!

Our CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS were WROTE by OUR FOUNDING FATHERS who were Geniuses, now we are in a NATION being RUN by IDIOTS!!




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  • Very true Kenneth, really think the Tea Party is our only hope.

  • It also begs the question as to why Mr. Cain was vilified yet Odumbo was elected not once but twice. Herman Cain would've made a fine president but the democrats and RINO operatives like Karl( Pillsbury Doughboy ) Rove couldn't let that happen. A smart, articulate real Black man running for president.

    We can't have that now can we. He is 100% right about this country is being run by the stupid and the gullible. Look who we have: Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Kerry, Rice, Hagel on one side and McConnell, Boehner, Cantor, Ryan, McCain and Graham on the other side. Which one of these losers are stupid and gullible I'll leave you fellow patriots to decide. One another note it was very funny to see my fellow Blacks who are democrats go stark raving mad at Herman Cain. Talk about having hatred for us "Uncle Tom" Blacks who see through the Obama BS.

  • Herman Cain is a TRUE United States Of America PATRIOT!! 

  • I like Herman.  He makes sense.

  • Well Mr Cain, This is what you get when minorities gain control of Government and vote in idiots to run the show. You have the heads of state telling the uneducated masses what they want to hear and sticking it to the rest. The country is harmed and there must be justice by way of impeachment. Its all necessary!

  • Stupid and Gullible People VOTED FOR THE Stupid and Gullible People


  • Herman Cain, is a good man and patriot American, he is also a wonderful talk show host. All great things for him and the Spencers. His talks provide moral and mental support for the folks whom listen to his talk show.

    None of the moral and mental support gets things done. What patriotic folks really need is incouragement to make good things happen in our political nation.

    TALK, TALK & TALK GETS USA NO-PLACE! People,,,, patriotic folks need guidance. They are fearful, if they actually do anything it will get their name on some gov list. Cause IRS investigations, or other personal horrasments. What these folks need is for some strong group to take physical actions to rid our country of people in political offices that have socialistic and communist party ties. The dumb-asses that have been plugged into our system will continue to be elected untill they are able to completely "Fundamentally Change" each of us right out of our American Freedoms and heritage. If our republic continues to "change" into deeper socialism/communism, in my opinion,,,, our vote system is not working, the people of this country is not strong enough to force the changes into our political system that will place more constraints on how and what the politicians to in their everyday routine while bolwing smoke up the kudzu of the voters and continue to build their personal coffers and secure their separate retirement and separate healthcare arrangements. Each and every patriot should be prepared to take out those bad - communist politicians for good. Those whom choose to assume a politically correct attitude or a cowardly stance; should stand out of the way of those with the courage to defend all our freedoms at any cost to the enemines or ourselves. Lest our great America become a communist controlled country, just like all the other countries that have fell to communism.

    Some will say, that's not going to happen in America. As long as you keep your heads buried in political correct sand you will continue beleaving the same rubbish until is is too late to salvage our great American Capitolistic freedoms. What cowardly folk really need is a guide to action TODAY, not to be negotiated. Politicians are better negotiators that most Americans!
    Tom w
    American patriot
  • Really my comment must be approved before anyone can see it. The MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD has taken over the TEA PARTY too.

  • He's wrong the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD SOCIALIST DEM. PARTY AND ITS MEMBERS with their leader MUSLIM OBAMAS AGENDA is being followed by those they have told deserve to have your wealth with out having to work for it. They are coming to get your GUNs now and then they will take your wealth from you by first withdrawing all your banking funds. Be sure as I will to give them all your BULLETS first.   

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