Herman Cain's 9-9-9.

Mr. Cain, I am on the same page with you on some issues, but we do not need an additional 9% sales tax on top of the state and local sales taxes we pay already.

I propose 8% income tax beginning with incomes of $20,000/yr and up across the board. No deductions, no loopholes. An increasing corporate income tax that tops out at 22.5%. Again, no loopholes. Pay your income tax. We will greatly reduce the size and duties of the IRS. No April 15th deadline. No tax forms.

I will phase out the Department of Education over 3-4 years. State and local goverments and parents know how to best educate their children. That's what school boards are for. We do not need the federal goverment telling us what to do. Why do we have to give money to the federal goverment and then beg for back in loans and grants? The quality of education and test scores have gone done in comparison to other nations since the department was founded.

Limit the EPA to monitoring enviromental laws in effect and eliminating over regulation and get rid of EPA mileage requirements. We have fuel efficient vehicles that emit very low emissions. The public will demand fuel efficient vehicles that do not pollute the enviroment. Auto manufacturers will produce what the public wants to buy. We don't need the goverment to tell us what we have to drive.

The Department of Energy will be greatly reduced. Their function will be to make us as energy independent as possible. Reduce regulation to increasing oil drilling and increase the use of nuclear, coal, natural gas and propane energy. Let private industry develop other alternative energy sources that can be affordable without grants from the federal goverment.

I will have every cabinet level deparment to submit budgets with a 20% reduction in requested funds for the following fiscal year after I am in office.

I will request a balanced budget amendment to take effect in 5 years.

We haven't ended up in the turmoil we are in overnight, but I will work quickly to reverse the situation.

Please see my Facebook page 'Christopher Canaski for President'.

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Christopher Canaski for President P.O. Box 64 Robert, LA 70455


Thank you.


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  • Also I would like to add that no ones income tax plans will work as long as the 16th amendment stands. Someones tax reduction plan may work for as long as their party has majority in Congress, but can be reversed when the majority is lost, and vise versa. This amendment needs to be repealed like prohibition. I understand why we have to pay taxes. In saying that, the amendment needs to be rewritten to limit the power of Congress to raise income taxes at will, and open the door to easier tax reductions that are long term.
  • Herman Cains 9-9-9 is a great, bold, outside t he box idea, and I like it mostly. I also like most of what Christopher wrote in his post. BUT- it does not matter if it is 9-9-9 0-0-0 or whatever as long as the 16th amendment stands un repealed. This amendment gives the Congress unlimited power to raise income taxes on us by voting amongst themselves. Any time, any way. Herman Cain's plan will not work with this amendment. Sad but true.
  • I have a serious disagreement with Ron Paul on foreign polircy. Iran is a threat to our nation. We should not have invaded Iraq. But we must fight terrorism.
  • I admire your ideas and find them already well established in Ron Paul. In fact, if we can get Ron Paul elected as President, he will need  the support of Congress to accomplish those same goals through Constitutional legislative process and not by executive order, which itself is a violation of the Constitution's limits on the Executive Branch.

    Perhaps you and some others of the same ideology would best serve your constituents by becomes representatives for your State in Congress? 

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