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In Maryland, Free State Patriots has conducted forums for vetting patriot candidates, using the tools of the Patriot Vetting Committee.  These are available free to all patriot groups.  We have endorsed several solid patriot candidates who are running hard for election in November.

In the process of the forums, as moderator, I have learned a lot about issues, terms and communication, which I am organizing into commentaries.  I'm sharing this information with any patriot group in the country.  Here are the particulars:

In Maryland, PVC-affiliated 'Free State Patriots" (FSP) has now completed a series of candidate vetting forums, which has already produced some excellent results.  FSP patriot candidates endorsed and still actively running in the November elections are : Daniel Bongino (US Senate); Frank Mirabile (US congress -  07) Ken Timmerman (US congress 08) and Faith Loudon (US congress - 04).  

Beyond that, as moderator of the forums, I have compiled a series of "lessons" we have learned from this experience, which can benefit patriot candidates anywhere. 

Part 1: "Glossary of Terms" -- meaning of phrases, such as 'safety net" used in radical socialism to disguise and confuse their true meaning.  Exposing lies is often the main way of assuring good communication with voters.

Part 2: "Issues" -- key areas of interest in the elections, such as 'deficit spending" "illegal immigration" and "education" -- comments about each, including facts, background, and proposed solutions to help sharpen the clear presentation of issues to the general public; and in debate with candidates embracing radical socialism.

Find these commentaries at the Free State Patriots website:

The Patriot Vetting Committee (PVC) offers help and guidance to patriot groups, such as Free State Patriots who are turning the tide of radical socialism -- to re-direct our country to the path of liberty and limited, constitutional government.  

  For more details, go to the Patriot Vetting Committee website , Affiliate your group, and get on board in this vital fight for liberty and limited, constitutional government. Contact me directly if you have questions or would like personal discussion.


Lee Havis


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