help save america

the U.S. only needs one large military in Israel for defence in middle east, the U.S. has nuke subs off the coast of Korea. this is aa we need in these areas. bring rest of military home. using these military men & women thats home set up military posts on our borders. this would stop 100% of drugs & illegals coming,& 100% of money & guns from going to Mexico. ASAP

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  • no spam from from me. did you see obamas briefing from the pentagon, what a deception. nearly every male in my family has served in the military. every war & conflict, many died. i love our military. what the pentagon has become is another matter. Dc thru the media has U.S. convinced we can stop WW3 from coming here by stopping enemy overseas. what about the million + terroist already here, trained & ready. theyre because DC didnt secure borders for years, still dont. the border patrol, fbi, cia customs, national etc hasnt been allowed to do an effective job. DC can put any lable on terroists groups & say weve won. no, a billion to take their place. i lived in SAN YSIDRO CA & NOGALIS AZ both on the border, i know what im talking about. the US depts that i mentioned do the best they can, however they cant put a dent in the problem. military needed, please at some point give me equal time to rebut obama & DC etc etc

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