Healthcare Bill Will Be Obam's Waterloo!!!!!

The Obamacare Healthcare will be his Waterloo!!!!
It is an assult on Grandma, Grandpa, Mom & Dad. Any Baby Boomer that will be on Medicare in the next 5 to 10 years ought to be frightened out of their skin. As this law is written, the Seniors will get less care. Care will eventually be rationed based on age and on our percieved use to society. The younger fold may think this is fine but fact is, if they are lucky enough, they will get old one day. Getting older used to be revered in our society. People helped the elderly and respected them as they have paid their dues. Now the elderly will be spat on and left ti wither away due to some mindless academia who other than the subject they have studied they can't make one rational decision. Obama Healthcare Bill must be changed dramatically as it is now written to funnel healthcare from private insurance into Government Insurance and once there, you can not come back.
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