I downloaded the decision by Senior United States District Judge Roger Vinson.  It's 78 pages of federalist paper, constitution greatness.  He sited previous supreme court decisions and explained his reasoning very well.  It was not only informative but an education as well. If you have kids it would be a great idea to maybe read it to them and have them go over it with you.  He basically said that the Federal Government is to promote equal and fair trade between the states so that one state does not gain an advantage over another.  For example if Pennsylvania has a trade agreement with New Jersey, and New Jersey charges a tariff on the incoming goods from Pennsylvania the state of Pennsylvania is at a disadvantage.  The Federal Government can step in and prevent New Jersey form charging a unreasonable sum or may order the removal of the tariff altogether.  This is a form of taxation without representation.  This is what our form of government is built to prevent.  The Federal Government cannot order anyone to buy anything based on this principle.  The Judge uses other examples in his decision and follows up with references to the Federalist papers, previous Supreme Court cases, and last but not least the constitution.  I recommend everyone read his decision.


     I also heard that the Republicans we elected into the House of Representatives voted to pass the Waxmann bill on Cap & Trade. I hope this is not true.  All our efforts in getting them elected and they go and pass a job killing measure such as this. Especially when the intelligent state of California has passed their form of this already, and that legislation is failing miserably. We have to be vigilant people.  I hope the senate Republicans will know better and stop this before it gets to President Obama to sign, AND HE WILL SIGN THE THING.

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  • Well, we wouldn't want that.

    You know what they say about pouring something out of a boot when the instructions are written on the heel.

    Their problem is they would not know which way was up.


    I thought about bailing for awhile.

    But, I hope to do more by staying.


    Besides, disabled and retired much too early with too few resources.

    I'm kind of locked in.


    Have a good one, Eric.




         That's strike two!  One more little F aux - Pas like that and they'll kick me out of the tea party.

         Seriously we could both have a more informed intelligent conversation if you and I had a belching contest. I don't think Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Boxer, and oh yeah, JERRY - BABY, could come up with a witty idea if they rubbed their heads together and were handed pictured instructions.  I'm surprised your still living there.  I hope you don' t find yourself working for the state government. The taxes they take out of your pay has to be like getting robbed.  Pull the rip cord, bail out and move to Utah.

         Just tryin' to help,


  • Too bad you haven't allowed my comment to post.

    It might be nice to have a frame of reference for your response.

    And we both know we are L our AO Right?

    Being from California, though, I just could not resist.





        I can't tell you how sorry I am.   Thank you for steering me in the right direction.  I will never make that mistake again.  I hope you'll give me a bump into the right direction if I stray of the right path.  I will never use the word intelligent & California in the same sentence again.

         Hope to hear from you again. Remember, Don't Tread on Me. 


  • "Intelligent State of California" Are you kidding? I live here! I know better!

    Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, Boxer, and now Brown the Redux.

    Do not accuse California of being intelligent!

    Socialist maybe. But, far from intelligent!

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