We seem, as a nation to just forget about history. One of the problems is that we don't teach any real history anymore, The men and women that founded or country were people that desired to allow  Jesus Christ to have a great part in everything they did. Prayer was important in each decision that was made. While all of those involved did not see eye to eye on every detail about their spiritual  lives they did at least recognize the existence and power of an almighty God, This country was, in our way of speaking, peppered with word of God, It was the salt of the earth, That salt today has lost it's savor and our strength has been diminished because of that great loss. In those days even those people that did not acknowledge Jesus Christ still reverenced his authority and basic involvement in day to day activities.

Even if they completely denied Him they did not stop the people that did believe from worshiping Him in open assembly.

We have lost that concept in our nation we are dearly paying a price for it. Our Churches have created a jesus christ that is closer to what they think he should be like , rather than just trusting the one we see in the word of God. We call that Christianity and you do not have to be born- again to be a member of it

Most of the real men that use to stand behind our pulpits has sold out for the love of money and that is their basic god. The problem is most of them don't even know it. They still think that have the power of God but because of the religious dogma in most churches God, like Elvis has left the building.

He standing outside knocking at the door and saying ( IF ANY MAN WILL ANSWER I WILL COME IN  AND SUP WITH HIM AND HE WITH ME,) but most churches won't let Him in.

It's awfully bad to be deceived by a friend, a parent, a spouse or anyone we might think of but we get to the place that we are deceiving ourselves, now that really bad, When we will not look at ourselves and see truth about ourselves we are in real trouble. It's always easy to see what somebody else needs to do to make things better but what do (I) need to do.

Our churches are full of people but we can't get one person to run on a platform that if he is elected one of the first things he will do is say (LET US PRAY TO AND END IT IN JESUS NAME) You might say that against the law, so you mean to tell me you are going to Washington and not change any of the laws? My point is folks we must open our eyes to what is really needed in our country and it is not more laws. Do you remember a man called the Apostle Paul, a man that stood against a whole world of religious people and still, basically all by himself preached Jesus Christ and Him crucified? Do you remember him?

We have Christian universities all across this country. Where are the men and women that graduate from them each year.? What has happen to us as a nation? Who are we? Nehemiah went back to Jerusalem and viewed the destruction and dropped to his knees and prayed( my God) and went about even to the place of holding a weapon in one hand and working with the other, We have become our own worst enemies and the majority of the worst of us is sitting on a church pew every Sunday morning. Our sons are drunks ,our daughters are whores or worse an we act like we are God's gift to humanity. If our spirituality was dynamite. we wouldn't have enough to blow the fuss of a peanut.

People we live in a world of our own. We think we can close our eyes to truth, vote some man or woman into office and fix our problems but we are the problem. Each one of us have a responsibility and are part of what has happen to our nation because we have forgotten God Almighty and have set back on our stool of do nothing and lost a nation. We are so lazy  and irresponsible that we expect our children to pay for our pleasures and let us just ride into eternity on a gravy train. Guess what. we can do that but even in eternity we will be held accountable. Our children will be slaves to someone and their children will as well but we will pay for our transgressions even if it's in eternity, you just wait and see.

What if we like it or not, when we call ourselves (Christians) we are the ones that have dropped the ball. Our pastors, deacon, bishops and any church leader you can think of are responsible the  fall of a nation. We have been very comfortable just allowing ourselves to be religious in our own eyes and never even ask God or His Son Jesus Christ what he thought about what we were doing. It's a tough pill to swallow but until we open our spiritual eyes and ears as believers we will continue to slid down the slope of destruction.


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