This morning on all of the talking head programs you will hear "conservative" pundits remark that the president is "in over his head" or incompetent. This is not true; moreover it allows the democrats to respond that Obama is being sabotaged by the republicans. He’s not. The republicans have given him remarkable support. The truth is Obama is in perfect harmony with the corrupt and deceptive representatives in Washington. As proof look at his successes. He not only passed Obamacare but he got the Supreme Court to fiddle with the legal arguments to make it constitutional. Remarkable! To keep unemployment high, he’s announced he’s not going to enforce immigration laws; meanwhile he’s importing as many aliens as we are creating new jobs. He’s used his power to shut down coal mines and oil drills. The result is artificially high energy prices. This also damages the economy and job growth. He blocked the oil pipeline from Canada. This also keeps unemployment high and keeps oil prices high. He’s snuck new taxes into bills such as the 3.8% federal sales tax on real estate. Congress went along with this. They didn’t undermine him. The president and congress have access to the best minds available when it comes to advice on the economy or most anything else. He knows what he’s doing and is doing it intentionally. Let’s stop calling him incompetent and tell the truth. Obama and the liberal congress are getting exactly the results they want! They are wrecking the economy and the country.

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  • 'Obama' was seated at the Throne for a reason and he is a very Obedient follower of those who pull his strings. He was put in Power to both Neuter and transform the U.S.A. and he is and has !!!!!


  • Every\thing is not black ink on white paper,..There are factual reasons i call this abomination of an elected official,Doh'blamer,..He,by his voting record(before the fidiot's elected him?to the highest office in the land(actually, there is 1 office with more power,and it is not sec of state)is positively incompetent,..then,you add his action's while in office,..The states have the power to ignore this fidiot,because,most follow the constitution and the bill of right's,unlike all democrat's unless they are about to be charged with a crime,or with activity benefitting a criminal enterprise,..Trip-to-lemus,does have his points,but when the dust has cleared?,..all those who stand with this incompetent fidiot of a commander-in chump,..Should hang with him as well,...For what he has done?,the actions are without doubt,and that verdict(so help us god)should come back as TREASON,..and with treason?,the penalty is death.

  • If he worked for me?,..he would not last a week,let alone a half day!,..This individual has absolutely No work ethic's,because he was never taught any!,..The subversove's of work,preach that you can sit on your duff and get food for doing nothing!,because THEY owe it to you!,...Hey!,my farm animals went on strike,you want food and water?,..i have fields that are not going to work themselves!,..

  • Well Amen and Amen that be the truth.O is communist who hates America and desires to destroy the USA.Some of his cohorts  in crime such as the UNREV Jeramiah Write,The Al the man dullton and the UN REV J.Jackson and the Great Islamist himself L the Farrakn.These are the Os favorite White race baiters Haters.Those scum are more racist than all the white racist in the world.The O is now and has played the race card He has divided the races in the USA.Race was comming along quite well untill these fakers came on the scene.They have now set back race relations a hundred years.

  • Timothy bates, BO is NOT a nice guy! He is a dedicated, hard-core, brain-washed Communist, and he can NEVER be redeemed by man! His only hope in the hereafter is God, but as far as the here and now is concerned, he is a Traitor, and all who support him are traitors, too!

    He will sign that Law of the Sea treaty, and he will sign the Gun Ban Treaty w/ the UN, and the dems are saying they have the votes to ratify it in the Senate! If that happens Hilliary, BO, all the Senators who vote for it, and EVERY indovidual who supports the overthrow of the sovereignty of the United States, will have committed TREASON, and will deserve to pay the ultimate penalty for their treason!

    Know this, all you enemies of the Republic, you will be defeated, you will be caught, you will be tried, and you will be executed for treason by "WE THE PEOPLE!"

    Laugh all you want now, men with a righteous cause and God on his side can not be defeated by the evil which is in you! I suggest you make your peace now, before it is too late!

    As foreveryone else, there will be NO fence-sitters in this conflict, as neither side will allow that! Good luck with making the proper decision!

    In the Spirit of AMERICAN Liberty,


    Sic Semper Tyrannus!


  • I have to agree 110%; he knows EXACTLY what he's doing. The Democrat Party has been moving further and further to the left ever since FDR and the New Deal; BHO has just pushed his party so far left that even some Democrats don't recognize their own party anymore. What bothers me the most right now, is that I don't recognize MY own party either. The Republican Party has been kidnapped by the Progressive movement to the point where my state Senator, Richard Lugar, AZs John McCain, and other old, entrenched moneymen have taken it over, and there is no longer any link between we, the people, and those that are sent to represent us. It's not thier fault; we kept on electing the same people over and over, to the point where they do not serve, they have a career. 
    I'm just glad to see that the people have awakened and are begining to reverse the trend of Congress as a Career.
    Richard; I agree the time for action is NOW!  We need to be on every street corner, encouraging people to register to vote, and get them into the voting booth.
    They have ALL been drinking the kool-aid; it's time for US to cut them off.

  • Unless we patriots begin to take action now, come Dec. 2012, many of the people commenting on these issues will feel pretty ashamed of themselves. I know there are many of us who do not suffer from stomach or back trouble (NO GUTS OR NO SPINE) and know that the time for action is NOW. The Tea party leaders must get our movement organized and begin with peaceful/passive protests in every state. What is the reason organizing hasn't been completed. Enough with the rhetoric!!!

  • I ment to say he is trying to make This a Socialist country. Just a typo mistake!

  • He knows exactly what he is doing and is trying to make the a Socilist country. I have lived in a country where medicine and doctors are free and believe me YOU WILL GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU DON'T FOR, you will get nothing!

    Susan Jean Wyckoff

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