This morning on all of the talking head programs you will hear "conservative" pundits remark that the president is "in over his head" or incompetent. This is not true; moreover it allows the democrats to respond that Obama is being sabotaged by the republicans. He’s not. The republicans have given him remarkable support. The truth is Obama is in perfect harmony with the corrupt and deceptive representatives in Washington. As proof look at his successes. He not only passed Obamacare but he got the Supreme Court to fiddle with the legal arguments to make it constitutional. Remarkable! To keep unemployment high, he’s announced he’s not going to enforce immigration laws; meanwhile he’s importing as many aliens as we are creating new jobs. He’s used his power to shut down coal mines and oil drills. The result is artificially high energy prices. This also damages the economy and job growth. He blocked the oil pipeline from Canada. This also keeps unemployment high and keeps oil prices high. He’s snuck new taxes into bills such as the 3.8% federal sales tax on real estate. Congress went along with this. They didn’t undermine him. The president and congress have access to the best minds available when it comes to advice on the economy or most anything else. He knows what he’s doing and is doing it intentionally. Let’s stop calling him incompetent and tell the truth. Obama and the liberal congress are getting exactly the results they want! They are wrecking the economy and the country.

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  • There is a constant prayer I keep repeating- -"Please, God, let US make "dustballs" of this entire administration, very soon"!

  • No, obama-soetoro cannot be referred to as "incompetent", he is devilishly warped and sick!

  • The pupet master is george sorros.This is a Jew that sided with adolp hitler.Satan has fully taken him over and made him very wealthy.But on judgement day he will go to the fire of damnation.

  • Agreed! He announced from the outset that it was his intention to "fundamentally transform the United States of America" and so far, despite his total lack of either experience or credentials, he has been doing a remarkably good job of accomplishing precisely that. It's difficult to be confident, even if he becomes a one-term president, that the malevolent damage he has done to the American republic can ever effectively be reversed. We have, after all, been heading this way for more than 100 years, virtually without serious interruption or reversal (even under Reagan), so why should we now believe that getting rid of Obama will suddenly and miraculously alter that trend? It has been made increasingly clear for more than a century, that the answer to Franklin's statement - "A republic - if you can keep it" - is that we could not.

  • I have been saying this from the beginning - his Marxist father planted the seed for him and he is executing all of the dreams that his father had previously - to ruin America and open the flood gates for people from everywhere else to come and pillage our great country.  He is destroying our country on purpose!!

  • @ James

    Excellent assessment of the situation. We are now playing on a world wide stage. Obama and Soros are just participants in establishing the NWO. However, I do feel that controlling millions of people is a problem that the NWO has under estimated. Especially if those millions remain ARMED. Unity of the citizens is vital if we are to have any success in staying out of the FEMA camps. Someone please inform the Black and Latino communities that they too will be in those camps regardless of what Obama has promised them.

  • Obama suffers from NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) pure, plain and simple.  You can google it and see how well the label suits him.  Incompetence has nothing to do with it.  He doesn't care what we think or how we feel about him or his policies.  Anyone who can't see this is blind, dumb or stupid. 

  • I agree Obama and his regime know exactly what they are doing ...and enjoying every moment..that are destroying this Great Nation on purpose...he does not like America and what she stands for.


  • You're absolutely right. It's deliberate, systemic and fulfills their agenda to destroy America.  That's why it's crucial that we wake more people up, expose these criminals and get them out of their positions of control.

  • DITTO what James said!

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