He's DEAD!

In a violent shootout, where a female homicide bomber that blew herself up in the hopes of killing many law enforcement officers, turned out to be a cousin of the Islamic States member, and mastermind of the attacks.

Parisian police have confirmed that the carcus of Islamic States terrorist, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was identified.

France did what Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton had REFUSED to do - going back to where it all started, and could've have been stopped: BENGHAZI.
And, what has been the attitude of the Obama admn?  John Kerry said that the recent slaughter was not so justified as the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo. According to that horse face, and horse's ass, John Kerry, Charlie Hebdo was understandable.  

Barack Insane Obama says that this recent slaughter, which François Hollande had said that it is a declaration of war, was merely a "SET BACK". Meaning his personal agenda. Which is also Kerry's, Hillary's, and the rest of far left's agenda.

WHY is Kerry and Obama allowed to remain in office, and Hillary hasn't even been indicted is anybody's guess.

Will House Speaker Paul Ryan, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, and the rest of the moderate-machine simply scream and FEIGN outrage as they present "bills"; only to get vetoed by Obama, and only to CAVE IN yet again -- when the left's media SUPER PACs start yelling "GOVT SHUTDOWN!!!"?

Why wouldn't this be the scenario?  It has been only every single time so far.

What would've been SILLY for me to even bring up is to even "hope" that the democrats would stand on the side of the SECURITY AND SAFETY of AMERICAN CITIZENS, and override an Obama veto.  Nope.  The dems are loyal to their agenda.  Everything else are just "SET BACKS"!


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  • Careful, Eric.  The left is watching everythyng.  All they need is a mere excuse to sic the IRS and the Secret Service on "us"! 

  • Oooo crap. . . . from the headline I was hoping it was Obama.

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