I thought it would be helpful to have a pre-primary prior to the RINO primary so we wouldn't split our vote.  That thread sort of grew to the following two steps:

The following two step approach would require a temporary meeting of the minds from the various larger conservative Tea Party factions for the following purposes::

1. Having a pre-primary to avoid the late RINO primary so we avoid splitting our vote and being able to get out there now to campaign because we have some serious hills to climb. (our message, government news and funding) But the main point here is that we always split our votes in the regular RINO primary, we need to avoid this.  We need some sort of (temporary or other) unified effort of all the un-unified groups for this purpose.

2. Implement a plan to organize and recruit deep into every precinct of the T-Party.

This includes supplying all local small groups with solid information to be distributed and used as a means to educate both door to door and if possible via ads in their local news papers when feasible. (with an increase in some recruiting, this can work - I've checked out the cost). We have great web sites on the internet but many republican’s, democrats and independents don’t go there.  We need a serious ground team for all of our upcoming elections.  Many of our small groups are getting smaller and many not associated would like to be contacted by us.  Our idea's are solid but we're mainly singing to the choir.  We need to open our doors and windows and move into our communities.

Please read the postings over at the following web site, the one's w/ my name on it (read all if you can) especially the last 10 or 15 pages.


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  • On the Rush Limbaugh radio show today (July 18, '13) he quoted several times: "He who controls the precinct, controls the election". 

    I ask you, is there any thing more important than this?  We comment about a lot of stories that go invisible within days but this is the item that is for keeps?  Can I get you involved?

  • We need to get the Voting only allowed when showing ID, we need to not count the votes overnight and see who is legal, dead or mickey mouse or voted twice - before we call who the president is, we need to not BLOW UP the military Helicopter and not count their votes cause they didn't have enough time to get their votes in again........etc...... etc.......   etc....   Hate to say it but we need a republican candidate that has balls to take her on cause she is another liar ........  and people forget "who cares"......  etc  etc  etc 

  • Just saw a poll on Fox News: Hillary is far ahead of all right wing possible contenders.  And any T-Party favorite would easily be have his numbers split and wouldn't have a chance, no matter how popular in the present t-party system.  However, if only one t-party favorite were included, things would change dramatically -- even at today's present t-party strength.

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