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  • Yes, this has to be!  All of the things that they are getting away with, the regime may be the new face of organized crime.  It is so obvious what the kenyan in cheef represents:  EVERYTHING HE DOES  IS ANTI AMERICAN!  They are trying their damndest to incite us to civil war. The axis of evil known as the oblammakenyan regime will be in their situation room watching the Patriots being shot to death, and saying, " We saw, we came, they died."

  • “If an American citizen lies to a federal investigator, even if not under oath, the citizen can be arrested, prosecuted, and sent to prison. Yet, these same federal personnel can lie to Congress and to citizens with impunity. Whatever the American political system is, it has nothing whatsoever to do with accountable government. In Amerika [Roberts’ spelling] no one is accountable but citizens, who are accountable not only to law but also to unaccountable charges for which no evidence is required.”

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