Happy Independence Day

My dearest family in Christ,

this day is a time of reflection for many people. For me it is a time to remember my father, a WWII veteran, his outlook on life, and the man he was to me. I never fully appreciated his sacrifice and service until serving in the military myself. I used to listen as he regaled me with his personal witness and accounts of the tragedies and triumphs he experienced and those historical moments he recalled. The events that unfolded in each narrative often chilled and puncture my very being. It was those bittersweet moments with his fellow soldiers and the circumstances that surrounded them that always gained the focus of each story - especially the very personal interactions and unifying beliefs they shared. They were truly reflective of an event and the people involved that shook the world and forever changed the course of history on an immense scale.  It is to him, his memory, and the many just like him who gave their all, that I dedicate this particular day.  From our very foundation as a nation, it has always been the people who made change possible and it is the veteran who, to me, embodies the true benchmark of American ideology and purpose. I stand in awe of their achievements and the legacy of freedom they carved out for our posterity.  God bless them, their heritage, and the country conceived and dedicated through them.  Thier selfless dedication and honor gave the world a nation unlike any before, and one that is still a shining light for the downtrodden and huddled masses.  God bless our nation and the providential accomplishments that were, and still are, guided by God.

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