Gun-Free, Target-Rich – By the Numbers

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Living in a world full idiots is one thing. Living in a world run by abject idiots is something else altogether.

By now, we all know how liberals feel about guns. They detest them. They don’t want you to have them, and if you do have them, liberals don’t want you to be able to keep them, and they demand that you get them registered so that they will know where  you and your guns live, thus making it easier for liberals to come and get them.

There’s a second reason for why liberals want you to register your guns. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they intend to create a gun owner website…like the sex offender websites…where good lilt liberals can visit to see where not to buy a house, and where bad little liberals can map out which houses to rob.

A couple of weeks ago, some liberal jackass walked into the municipal building in Virginia Beach, Virginia and opened fire killing 12 people.

There was something special about that building too…


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President insults leftists during social media summit

The president made reference to the Antifa attack on gay Asian journalist Andy Ngo in Portland last month.

“Do you ever notice they pick on certain people?” asked Trump.

Embedded video
Michael Sheridan@MSH3RIDAN

"Did you ever notice they don't come after Bikers For  Trump?"@realDonaldTrump calls out ANTIFA for the wussies that they are.

“He would tell you he’s not the toughest person physically in the world – they don’t go after Bikers For Trump, you ever notice that, they don’t go after our construction workers who love us, they don’t go after the police,” he added.

Trump went on to further insult far-leftists, joking, “They live in the basement of their mom’s home,” while asserting that they all had skinny arms.

“But they have the black masks on and they have sticks, they hit people in the face, in the head.”

“But you ever notice Antifa’s never there when we have a bikers rally….they’re never around, they’re always there when you have a single guy protesting in front of a school,” said Trump.

Trump then made reference to his administration’s move to withdraw federal funding from educational institutions that don’t allow free speech on campus.


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