Gulf Oil Mess, Letter to the Editor

Today's letter to the Editor, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

To the Editor,
While it would not be fair to lay complete blame for the mess in theGulf on Mr. Obama, it would be fair to lay the blame onenvironmentalists, Liberal law makers and the Democrat run Senate. Itwould be fair to lay the blame here because for years, these people haveprevented oil exploration and extraction from locations much easier andmuch safer than from five thousand feet underwater. Only Americahandcuffs the providers of energy with crazy restrictions andlimitations, creating unnecessary dangers and price increases whichwould not forced upon Americans if logical, sane and necessary programswould be enacted. This whole mess makes the Exxon Valdez oil spill looklike a leaky squirt gun in comparison. Let this be a lesson to thegoofy left. Stop trying to force your crazy ideas off on America. Itis much better to be informed than to be opinionated.
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