Guard Your Block Folks

Citizens on street patrol are often solo acts or consist of relative handfuls of highly motivated people.

I always tell folks don't wait until ( the unlikely event of ) a crowd of volunteers gathering before deciding to patrol their community.

I advise them to guard their blocks. If more residents and business owners secured their blocks we'd cut deeply into the crime problem.
Unguarded blocks are the core of why America has " bad sides of town " because on a block-by-block basis, folks have allowed thugs, drug addicts and litter to take over.
I grew up on a proverbial bad side of town back home and know how easily blocks comprising distressed communities fall into enemy hands.
I instituted the Neighborhood Watch coordinator position for my former association filled with frightened senior citizens surrounded by crack dealers, gun fire and crack heads.
That experience, of being the one folks gave information to to escape retaliation for talking to the police, was the essence of guarding one's block, in the expanded sense, by including other blocks where scared residents keep silent watch behind burglar bars.
My 1 Man Street Patrol activities began in a community whose blocks fell to thugs and addicts in the wake of crack invading where we lived.
A lengthy recession means more drug dealing and crime in areas where blocks aren't organized and frankly, increases even on organized ones too.
If we each guarded our blocks the net result would be displacing trouble makers eager to find unguarded places to disrupt.
Find your comfort zone when it comes to guarding your block. If street patrol isn't your thing, calling 911 within the safety of your home or elsewhere is the next best thing.  
Unguarded blocks are much more likely than guarded ones to become crime scenes, rest assured.
I want you and your neighbors safe but the people who are best positioned to guard your blocks are, you guessed it!, you and your neighbors!
Guard your block, folks!

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  • You're a good man, with a strong mind and strong will.  If we only knew who are neighbors are, we would have a better understanding of our world.  No one takes the time to talk to their neighbor, anymore.  One could have a terrorist living next door and not know it.  All people  need to watch their six and keep an eye out.  If only people really cared, our world would be better.

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