So, someone finally said what he was thinking; the American people are stupid. I really do not believe that all Americans are stupid but my family name is Gruber.

Now, as people post on FaceBook and around the Internet my name has gotten tagged. I am a Gruber but not related to Jonathan Gruber. I feel that I have been Gruberized.

There are many videos out on the Internet of Jonathan Gruber saying that O-Care could easily be accepted by stupid Americans. Well, it did. Who were the stupid people who wanted this Bill to be passed without being read and who supported them? The Democratic leaders and their followers. That in itself may clear up who is stupid.

Gruber Video

Gruber Video

Now, the Democrats who know Gruber are saying they don't know him. Well, of course no one wants to be known as a friend of a man who thinks the American people are stupid. That would make Americans, who were spoken of as being stupid, not like the leaders who are Gruber's friends.

Of course, since the Democrats lie about so much, we cannot believe that they actually do not know Gruber because they are seen on tape taking to him or listening to him. His name appears to be on a list of guests who frequently visited the White House.

My name has always come up on a search because I write books, produce videos and a variety of other things including being the Chief Administrator for over eighty or ninety 'Tea Party Activist' groups. Am I ruined? Has my Gruberization of having the same name as a man who called the American people, of which I am one of, embedded me with this anchor to bear?

Gruber answered some questions, of which he avoided actually repeating his famous words that the American people are stupid, and instead saying he wanted to seem intelligent.

Mr. Jonathan Gruber, it is my opinion that tricking and fooling the American people into a health-care system that is terribly broken, is not an intelligent thing to do. So, trying to be smart has not worked out well for you, has it?

Daveda Gruber

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  • BRAVO, Daveda Gruber! Thanks for sharing your story and for making that distinction between the good Gruber and the bad Gruber. It's great to know that we've got  the good Gruber on our side.

  • I guess America has been Gruberized but I bear the neme. Thanks for the comments!

  • Anyone who believes that Obama is a legitimate POTUS has been Grubered.
  • Thankyou Daveda  

  • Enjoyed reading this 

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