Surprise! My subject today, grief, finds us with Helen Pena.

With his enormous viewing audience, Glenn Beck is one of America’s most positive forces. Beck, opposed to O’Reilly, employs his insight to tell us that something is not right, but for us to study what he brings to our attention. Beck tells us to make our own judgments. On the other hand, Fox News’ O’Reilly views the obvious mistakes Obama is making as something a journalist is not qualified to judge. Obama is intent on keeping our southern border open to terrorists. He is adamantly against profiling. He is for building a mosque near ground zero. He insists on patting down 80 year-old women and 3 year-old kids, giving federal bureaucrats the authority to violate Fourth Amendment rights, while refusing to use the term “Muslim terrorist,” giving said terrorists Miranda rights and trying them in the courts American citizens use. Obama praised a court that refused to call a Muslim terrorist who murdered 239 people a murderer. O’Reilly: judge not. Very interesting!

Obama goes about the world apologizing for America. He pushed through a stimulus package in the dark of night that has not helped the lagging American economy. He has tripled the national debt and sanctions watering down our money. The experts say our dollar is going to be the weakest currency in the world.

One-world socialist George Soros says if Obama doesn’t do what he wants, “we,” union officials and revolutionary Marxists, should look somewhere else. Interestingly, O’Reilly is a Harvard graduate, same as Obama. We know, after studying the facts, that the something not right is Harvard, a throwback to aristocratic Europe. Naturally, Obama would want to change our Constitution—transform America into a one-world socialist state. The way to do it is to make America part of the domino effect now taking place in Europe.

O’Reilly doesn’t know who Obama is or what he wants, but he says he’s looking out for you. Really! O’Reilly, an “independent,” neither here nor there, having more than one master, Look out! After Obama gets all his ducks lined up, then, perhaps, O’Reilly will tell us who Obama is and what he wants of us. Fox News will be out of business, but not O’Reilly. No, I don’t think O’Reilly is looking out for you.

How is it that I know so much? At this moment, America’s freedom is at stake. In numerology, freedom is at the midpoint in our development. It is a pivotal point, when a decision must be made. The number 5, freedom, at this midpoint we’ve accumulated a lot of experience and information that helps in our future development. The number 5 is an adventurous number. 5 is a chance taker, curious about what’s on the other side of the mountain. 5 tries out new ideas.

Interestingly, the prior stage of our development, 4, standing for stability, when form and substance are predominant, in the Bible the formation of Earth took place on the fourth day, 4 is nature and relates to Earth.

The number 1 is the beginning of the universe as well as our beginning. 1 is the pioneer seeking to find an identity, from the hydrogen atom to the human being. The Yin and Yang, the pairing is represented by the number 2. In my own life, I cut from the herd and went on my own. I was the 1 principle. After I learned who I was and what I was about, low and behold, I found the perfect mate. We interacted and became diversified. Diversification is represented by the number 3. So there you have it, from 1 to 5, my life fits numerology’s stages.

Having brought you up to speed, now let us discuss Beck’s presentation on the five stages of grief. It starts with fear of the unknown, a change one knows is inevitable. Without knowing it, Beck told the story of my life, and I imagine a lot of Tea Party lives. Fearing the unknown, and why this had to happen to me, I placed the blame. Naturally, it wasn’t me. I’d busted my butt to do right. The second stage is anger at something that was not my fault, something I must endure. It was so unfair! How could I escape what was about to happen? Stage three is bargaining. When that doesn’t work, step four is depression. I finally accepted my fate, the fifth step. That was when I became freed, represented by the number 5, to begin working on a new life.

Tea Party members, keep this in mind: In numerology, the number 6 is conscientiousness. We are heading for the desire for harmony, a sense of balance, the desire for love and compassion. Not to worry, George Soros and company are beating a dead horse. A natural grassroots movement is on the way, the Age of Aquarius, an age of brotherhood, fraternity, and spiritual growth.

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