Chicago should learn from the president of Ecuador Rafael Correa. Place people before money, not money before people.

The foundation of our society are our youth, we must do the impossible to educate our youth; we must place education and the future of our people before money, not money before people.

The problem in the whole country is the 30 Years of Reaganomics that destroyed our economic.  The economic policies of Ronald Reagan was a deception and a lie that continue for 30 years and to this day in being promoted by the corrupt politicians puppets of the oligarchs and the propaganda machinery of the ones that control our country "THE MAIN STREAM NEWS MEDIA”. Cutting taxes for the rich; give them the power to buy the corrupt politicians and control our cities and our country’s economic; that destroyed our jobs, our schools, our education system our infrastructure and our cities, Hundreds of cities are being destroy by the so call Reaganomics and we are in complete denial of the cause of this destruction and the demise our country, by Reaganomics the ill policy that cut taxes for the rich at the expenses of the working class.

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