Obviously, I have way too much time on my hands to ‘pen’ this political rant. . . Actually, I’m sitting at home today trying to recover from another grand kid induced ‘bug’.

  Within the following email, I have attempted to rebut a liberal friends’ position of. . . “There’s nothing that we can do about political fraud; so why not join them and take advantage while we can. . .” Obviously, I vehemently do not agree with this premise ! However, complaining and doing nothing without offering a possible solution presents a vacuous argument.

  Based on the above premise, I thought that you might find the following an interesting ‘read’ . . . or NOT ! The delete key is at your finger tips. . .

Happy Turkey Day & may God Bless
Grandpa Steve

San Diego, CA

From: Steve Arnaudoff
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 10:37 AM
Subject: Restructuring US Govt.

Professor Zah-Meet. . . .

   I believe that we can both agree that our Federal Government structure is unwieldy, has been taken over by the culture of corruption and can be easily manipulated by the special interests money groups [‘K’ Street & Wall Street], Public sector Unions . . . the money laundering arm of the Democrat Party and, we must include those feeding from the public trough, lets call them the ‘Pauls’ on the Government Plantation . . . i.e. robbing Peter to pay Paul guarantees Pauls’ vote. Note that, the more populous latter group, on the Govt. Plantation is primarily concentrated in large urban inner-cities; hence those States have the loins share of the electoral vote; therefore skewing the control and out come of National elections to a minority of fiscally irresponsible welfare States . . . This venue breeds and exemplifies ‘Class Warfare’ . . . . The mantra of the socialistic left and Democrat Party . . . So now, I believe that we can agree a half dozen or so States truly control National elections . . . And, the other forty some sovereign States can pound sand.

   Please note that, in my previous email I stated that we agree that we our present reckless spending course is not sustainable; and that this plane is going to crash . . I further noted, that we must get up off of our collective asses and save this country from oblivion. That brings us to . . . Sooooo, What do we do ? Shooting from the hip, attempt to cobble together some bastardized new structure of Federal Government from scratch ? That scenario is analogous to a food fight. . . The special interests have too much to lose. . . . not to mention money & power.

   Now then, if we agree with my previous email's premise of States Rights ?   And that, the new form of Federal Government premised by protecting each individual sovereign States’ rights. We must look to historical government structures that have worked ‘reasonably’ well and have evolved throughout various periods history over of the past several hundred years . . . And, 'what' could that be ? . . . Switzerland !

   Switzerland is comprised of 26 Cantons. . . each Canton elects a single member to serve on the Federal governing body for a period of seven years . . . Once the twenty-six electees arrive in Bern they will elect ‘seven’ members to form a Presidential council; the rest serve in various cabinets positions. . . These ‘seven’ will each serve as President on a rotating seven year basis. . . Yet the ultimate power remains with the embodied ‘group’. I have personally experienced walking next to the President of Switzerland at a shopping mall in Bern . . . there was no security, secret service or even a police escort. If you knock off one President there are six more and that Canton, that lost their guy . . . elects a replacement. Alright then, so here we have a tried and true ‘template’ of government that equates all sovereign Cantons/States. . . levels the playing field and shifts power away from Washington DC [The toilet] and eliminates the bickering do-nothing Congress aka . . . the whore House.

  If we could implement such a system, via a States Constitutional Convention, each of our 50 States would elect their Federal representative; He or She would be sent to Washington for seven years . . . elect among themselves the rotating Presidential Council and assign the remaining electees, based on background, to a reduced number of Cabinet positions. . . This of course would also involve the elimination of a number of Federal Depts.; Energy, EPA, Education, Housing and etc. . . . These functions would and must however be transferred to each individual state. . . The reduction in Federal spending and Federal tax bite would allow States to fund these functions to the best interests of the individual State. . . . And, keep their tax money where it belongs; at home. . . with each State having to deal with resolving their own Plantation problem.

   Such a restructuring would effectively neutralize the corruption of ‘special interests’ groups and shut down the grand bizarre and ‘coin’ operated access to Federal Government. The good news is that each political party would NOW have a vested interest in paying attention to every State in the Union.

  Unfortunately, time is of the essence . . . The above, mere outline, elicits a very difficult and perhaps insurmountable task . . . However, we MUST start the ball rolling and keep in mind. . . The present system is not sustainable and. . . as noted in a previously, the Plane will crash ! . . . I just turned 70 years old and all of this political chicanery and corruption happened on our generations’ watch. I truly believe that WE are, in many ways, responsible for allowing this debacle to metastasize our Constitution.


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  • WoW, Steve this is amazing.. I LOVE IT..However, like you said, time is of the essence. How do you get this started. I would love to be a significant part of this process. I would love to see if we could get something like a tea party delegation. (or does one already exist?).

    Please contact me, and maybe we could try and get this going!! I think this is a terrific idea, and would love to learn more about the process.

    However, I feel this should be worked on soon. Our country is in a serious amount of civil unrest. I keep telling my children and husband and other family members that I see a civil war erupting in this country. Obama has done nothing but spend money (ours), created policies that give the government the right to LIE to us (thought that was against the constitution, with the freedom of information act), and intensified racial hatred, class warfare and enabled our children to be "dumbed down"

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