Grab Your Wallet

Grab Your Wallet.  This is a very well organized "threat to free enterprise".  They have a web site.  I have no knowledge of how to set up a website.  The right has to have a well organized response.  The only well organized grass root group that I am aware of is the Teaparty.  What can we do to counter this movement.  I have sent emails to the stores that have caved to this movement to notify them that I will no longer shop at their stores, but I am but one voice.  The Teaparty is representative of a large portion of hard working people, we have more power in our wallets than a group that does not seem to have jobs, (they seem to have all the time in the world to demonstrate and create chaos)  so really where is their power, except the threat of disruption and violence.  How can we organize to be a larger voice and have a greater financial impact?

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