Florida Governor Charlie Crist, as of Today Will Get Major Obama Support in His Run for Senator.
1) Obama Administration is "dropping" Support for Democrat Senate Candidate Kendrek Meeks and is now giving "all" is't support to Ex-Republican Charlie Crist.

2) Charlie knew he was not gonna win the primary against Tea Party Conservative Marco Rubio, so he quit Republican Party and is running as Independent but is gonna now caucus with Democrats if Elected. Charlie must lose on election day. He is "Conning" Floridians.

3) Charlie took huge amount of money from Republicans when he was running as a Republican and will not give it back after he changed parties.
4) Charlie Crist is doing what "Arlen Spector" did in changing parties so he could get elected. No principals, just get elected and get the perks.

5) Florida Senate voted to pay Teachers on "Achievement" and Charlie Vetoed his own parties bill as teachers complained as they did not want to be held accountable and is now running with the teachers and Unions support.
6) Whitehouse personell will now work on Charlie Crists Campaign. Anita Dunn who works in Whitehouse with Obama and is a Marxist is gonna be responsible for running Charlie Crists campaign. Obama Supporter who works in Whitehouse has been seen on TV admitting that her most inspirational person is "Mao Tse Sung" who mass murdered over 70 "Million" people in China. She is running Governor Charlies Campaign. If he follows her, then Govenor Charlie is a "Marxist". "PLEASE TELL EVERYONE YOU CAN FIND ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!

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