It is ironic that the current admniistration finds the funds during a shut down to run what they want and say that is the law. However the law does not apply to all things equally as it should: ........closed military commissaries due to the shut down; however the golf cources stay open. Then the hype that the administration wants to close the Ocean. They were provided by nature and not the Govt. I believe that this could be considered as Selective Law Enforcement which is illegal, or is profiling now acceptable. Why was Arizona's request denied to pay for and keep the Grand Canyon open during the shut down? Do you think that spite comes to mind? How about our resident plagiarizer praising the security people about the fine job they are doing keeping the public and veterans at bay (as I understood it) from visiting outdoor points of interest. The American Citizens are tired of the job that most of the elected individuals are doing and there will be some surprizes in the up comming elections, and my thought is: A lot of those very politicians will be looking for new jobs. The citizens put you in office and they can also take you out! So if you have any intention of preserving your way of life, now is the time to consider changing horses in the middle of that proverbial stream. Your time on top of the hill is fast coming to a close and you will be leaving DC following  your Pied Piper, H. Reid!      Sorry for the repeat of this article I wrote yesterday,  we have been having several periods of power interuptions due to Tropical Storm Karen.  I attempted to post this earlier and had a repeat, so please bare with me and if you have seen this prior to this repost.