We, not unlike, the Romans are being subtly, and overtly invaded on all borders, in spite of our resistance. No one wants to live in the Middle East Regions; nor Mexico; or the Far East, nor Africa.  The People of the World come to the USA because they want what we have, en-total, but want to deny Americans freedom, resources, choice, and space.  Our politicians seem content with this invasion and occupation of people who despise our existence; why? 

The reason?: Our Government despises us as well; they are importing them because it justifies its hold on us; with the guise of protecting us from them, and that should be good enough for us; just accept it! By complicating,  jeopardizing, and compromising Americans they can control, and manipulate us; demanding more from us for 'our own good'.

The Government knows that we know that it is made up of many corrupt bureaucratic institutions and agencies, and it needs to have a looming threat hanging over our heads to justify their existence.

It has painted all of us into the corner.  With a broad brush that has crushed our sovereignty; handcuffed our freedom, denied our voice, and give us promises that we can trust it.  In reality, we are in confinement; suspect, and restricted to exercise our rights and freedoms.  We have not noticed the impact because it keeps us guessing; awaiting new surprises of oppression, con-jobs; swindles and lies.

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