Government Run Wild


The Declaration of Independence states that our citizens are 'endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.' Well folks those rights are rapidly diminishing and we’re definitely headed down the slippery slopes to a Nanny State. 


It’s not a pretty picture and many are still in denial, but our Government is out of control, corrupt, treacherous and most of all very illusive; it appears many politicians are AWOL or they’re sleeping on the job because no one knows anything about anything. 


We hear after the fact that 787 billion dollars of our money has basically gone missing. We hear about green companies after they close their doors, declare bankruptcy and lose our money.  We hear that the not so famous Fisker motor company sneaked off to Finland; they just swallowed our hard earned money and declared bankruptcy. 


Taxpayers dug GM out of a vast hole just in time for them to create the touted Chevy Volt, which was a disaster from start to finish.  Obamacare was jammed down our throats by Obama and Pelosi and now that we’ve read the bill – we know we’re in one ---- of a mess. 


On the flip side of the coin most of us must obey the laws but it’s obvious some of the elite in Washington have free get out of jail cards.  How do I know this is true?   According to Department of Justice website in 2009, the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation was funded and named by Obama. The DOJ website has Holder’s speech in 2009 to the Mexican authorities.  The site also shows that the OIG warned Congress, FBI, CIA and ATF about the dangers of the Fast and Furious gunrunner program. 


 In 2009 Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano toddled off to Mexico together and bragged about their new gunrunner program to Mexicans authorities. The story goes that Eric and Janet worked out the gory details so guns from the USA could walk across the border into the hands of the Cartel.  Two of our brave Americans were murdered by these weapons.


Remember Obama funded the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation in 2009 that would permit guns from our Country to walk across the border.  Now May 6th 2013 in a speech to Mexican authorities President Obama blamed the scourge of gangland murder and violence in Mexico on firearms from the United States.  I do believe that this Obama person talks out of both sides of his mouth – he’s devious, sneaky and a danger to Americans.


Then there is the cover-up of the Benghazi murders, first we were told it was a video. Talk about rubbing it in – for weeks Obama, Rice & Hilary blamed the video.  In an attempt to cover up the Benghazi tragedy Obama and Hillary did a video apologizing to the Middle East Countries and blaming the murders on a video. 


Obama, Panetta, Clinton were in charge; they have blood on their hands anyway you look at it. Hopefully tomorrow will expose the real Benghazi story and those responsible will be placed behind bars.  As far as I am concerned the key people in our Government who have lied and perjured themselves on the witness stand are accomplices to the assassination of our Ambassador and three other Americans.  Unlike the Water Gate scandal the Benghazi scandal involves the murder of four brave American patriots. 


May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

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  • I don't know how many times I've heard if you give a crook enough rope he will hang himself, when is enough, enough.

  • They won't impeach themselves. I think, however, we should be able to censure him and his whole kingdom of czars.

  • David - it's getting close are you listening to the testimony on TV from Hicks, THompson etc?

  • Today is the beginning of the end of Obama, Rice, Jarrett, Panetta and many more - this is the worst cover up in the history of the USA

  • there are a lot of selfish greedy people in this Country starting with our leaders

  • I am too busy shopping at WALMART for cheap Chinese crap, and planning my next gambling vacation to Las Vegas. I have a government job with full benefits and everything is just fine.

    $16 Trillion in Federal Budget deficits, the Boston bombing, illegal immigration, the upcoming Mideast War, all has nothing to do with me. 

  • But "What difference does it make now?", said the queen of lies at the State Department. Then, "This all happened a long time ago" from the prince of cover-up, press secretary, as he genuflects to his boss. Justice, real justice for Benghazi requires truth. Truth from this administration? Only if it fits their plan of manipulation. Truth for truth's sake will not come forth from this totally corrupt regime. Therefore justice is a pipe dream. If you think otherwise, look closely at the current DOJ. Fast and furious is how they orchestrate all their lies for all their purposes to bring about the "CHANGE" the king never lied about. He only manipulated the willingly duped idiots. He spoke the truth when he announced his goal to fundamentally change the USA because he knows the 47% believe what they want to believe about what he meant in "CHANGE". He is evil, diabolical and worthy of whom he serves, the father of lies. I would love it to be otherwise, but I am not in the 47% willing to be duped. I pay for my own phone and all my taxes and take no hand-outs. Not bragging, just saying he can't buy anyone by any means unless they are willing or just plain ignorant or stupid! The actions in Benghazi and the lies following are part of the new USA under Obama's plan to turn us into a country under dictatorship. He has all the help he needs on both sides of the aisle with career politicians serving only to be re-elected. Justice for Benghazi? From whom?
  • Our Founding Fathers were very careful to make sure that We, the People, retained the power and the authority to correct the problems with our government.

    They left the Superior Common Law Courts as the People's Courts.  Did not put them in the Constitution, except in Article 7 of the Bill of Rights where they are made Superior to all other courts in the land.

    Now, the government, and its media, tells us that Common Law Courts don't exist.  When did we change our Bill of Rights?  Article 7 is still there, and the People still have the power to use the Superior Common Law Courts.  There is a Common Law Handbook posted on my web site:  It is in pdf format and can be downloaded for your use.

    The Founding Fathers also made sure that the Militia was retained by the States, and armed by the Federal Government.  Please see Article 1, Section 8, Paragraphs 15 and 16 of the Constitution.

    Then they made sure that the States and the Indian Tribes were as independent of the government as the Foreign Nations.

    They did that with the highly abused Commerce Clause.

    When you diagram the Commerce Clause you can see if gives not special powers to the government over the States and the Indian Tribes.  They are treated in exactly the same way as the Foreign Nations.

    4086281275?profile=originalWe have been so dumbed down that we have been taught this gives the government total power over the States and Indian Tribes.   NOT TRUE! ! ! ! !   As you can easily see.

    The States, the Indian Tribes and the Foreign Nations are all treated exactly the same.

    We cannot order England, Russia, France, or any other country to do anything.

    Arizona just passed a law and established the Arizona Militia.  The rest of our States need to follow suit.

    The interesting thing about the Militia is that the Federal Government is responsible for arming it.  That means that the government has to provide weapons and ammunition to all of the able bodied men who are between 18 and 45 years of age.  BYE-BYE GUN CONTROL! ! ! !

    Remember - the Militia is not the National Guard.  You have to join the National Guard whereas you are automatically a member of the Militia when you turn 18.

  • Want an education? check out c-span and watch what goes on in the senate and house! You'll wonder where is everyone, why are all the chairs empty? This passes for government today! I'm tuning in this morning to watch the Benghazi show!

  • Those at the political top as our leaders should be held accountable to a higher standar when not if they abbuse their ,We the people given power. So what is the highest penalty for TREASON ?  When they start holding top political leaders to a higher standard only then will we start the beginning of fixing Americas BIG political CORRUPTION  PROBLEM .

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