When the Federal Government uses any agency to enforce a Constitutional issue that is not in their realm of concern, but used as a strong arm of the Government to coerce a Sovereign State (the 10th Amendment) into submission, for a political gain ,is high treason against The Bill of Rights, and the will of State's Citizens, using the 13TH and 14th Amendment as  pretext to accomplish it.  Creating a social problem where there was none is Federal coercion, and misuse of its powers.  Using the theme 'social justice' to  justify chipping at state's sovereignty is an outrageous over-reach.  The '13th'  and ' 14th ' are not part of the first 'TEN' inalienable rights, but instead the '13TH'  and '14th' are concessions to the first '10'.  Not unlike the Prohibition Amendment it is liable to change, and the '13TH' and' '14th' will soon be contested, ultimately, in the Supreme Court.  The first Ten Amendments will never be challenged under our Republic System, however, if this present regime gets its way with North Carolina, and other States, then it is a matter of time the Bill of Rights will be challenged, if not totally eliminated.  If the Federal Government wins on this 'gender identity' bathroom ploy, EXTORTION, it will set serious precedence, and unintended consequences.  It will open a Pandora's Box that will be the beginning of irrational and authoritarian rule; establishing an oligarchy in stone. Withholding funds as hostage is abusing the People's money to punish them with.  If the People fall for it, they will certainly fall prey to everything else that the Government Thugs DEMAND!  It is not about genital identity preference; it is about power and control over the States; using unfriendly Federal persuasion; suckering the bleeding hearts to give up privacy in the privy. 

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 had good intentions with unintended consequences: any time a law entails the word 'ACT' it  always means strict Federal Government coercion over the States; ALWAYS!!   The overall goal is to beat the 'Sovereign States' in total submission by the Federal Government; this is another tactic it uses to accomplish it, among many.

It is important to remember that if man can give 'rights' man can take them away, and that is why any amendment after the first 10 amendments are 'man given'; they are supplemental government policy; specifically with political intentions. Title 9, was originally designed for woman in competitive sports, camouflaged with other bits and pieces of other amendments created ,in part, by man.

J.P. De Marco     

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