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  • Don,

    The Boy Scouts and other non-for-profits like the Tea Party have the tax-exempt problem on their hands.  In California the Boy Scouts had their tax exempt status threatened by the govt nonetheless, if they didn’t change their organizational principles.   Lawmakers actually passed a law that forced them to change their operating principles.  The BSA could possibly sue the IRS for being “unduly prejudiced” towards the LGBT bias and the IRS and Congress for making vieled and blatant threats to revoke their tax exempt status in a “politically charged atmosphere”.

  • snail mail crashed, but the news is good news as is - we must hold treasonists accountable by whatever legal means available - we temporarily need more law suits to stop the lawlessness... until we can throw progressives out of office and into jail in 2014.

  • Thanks Karol, good video. I'm glad we have level-headed people like Klayman and Freedom Watch. Another agency to watch is the EEOC. This article warns employers of the agency's more severe penalities on hiring officials and employers. These tough laws make getting jobs even harder and the recruitment process even slower.

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