GOP civil war

The reports are coming more frequently now. Karl Rove is taking aim at the TEA party. Conservatives in congress are being attacked on all fronts, most disturbingly by other Republicans. Establishment Republicans move repeatedly to the left. And the media, well the media has been going after us like rabid wolves since the dawn of time. The battle lines have been drawn. The first shots have been fired. We are at war with our own party.

     I know, we're not allowed to say that anymore. There's nothing new about using militaristic terms to describe political struggles. Although we are discouraged from doing so, even as the left continues the practice. Sara Palin is blamed for the shooting of Gabby Gifford just because Palin's staff drew crosshairs on a map. We are endlessly attacked and derided for using any word or phrase that could be seen as aggressive, no matter how commonplace. When you think about it, it's really a brilliant ploy, even if it is weaselly and two faced. How are we supposed to fight a war effectively when we aren't allowed to acknowledge that we're fighting a war? We see how well that worked in Korea. We soften our language to placate the leftist whiners and soon our thoughts follow suit. We let them pull our teeth and then wonder why our party becomes filled with moderates with no bark and no bite.

     Yet these RINOs are always happy to attack conservatives. Recently John McCain went after Rand Paul and Ted Cruz for having the nerve to do the jobs that they were elected for, and Karl Rove casts blame for election losses on the TEA party that should rightfully fall on him and his ilk. Not only were many of these unelectable Republicans that he cites as examples of TEA party interference moderate establishment types, most of them were funded by Rove.

     These are the same people what will nod enthusiastically when the left tells us that conservatism is a relic followed by only a small margin of the population. They'd have us forget how Barry Goldwater sparked the conservative movement by standing by his conservative ideals. And that Ronald Reagan energized the country and won two landslide Presidential elections, not by reaching across the aisle, but by refusing to compromise his conservative principles. They'd have us ignore how conservatives in D.C. have received support unprecedented in this generation by proudly advancing the conservative banner. Moving to the center hasn't helped us with Mitt Romney or John McCain. And it hasn't helped us with the 99% of Rove's candidates who lost their elections. Or with the others who refuse to fight the left once elected. No, the problem isn't that the Republican party has moved too far to the right, it's that the party is only now starting to move back to the right.

     And we're not immune from delusions either. I don't know how often I've been told that we need another Ronald Reagan to swoop in and fix things again. It's time to burst that bubble. As good as the rising conservative stars are, there isn't another Reagan. There never will be another Reagan. We're on our own. But before you slip back into the post election depression that we've all been trying to climb out of, remember that we're not wandering blind in the wilderness as some would suggest. Our message isn't falling of deaf ears, it's just been watered down by the moderates. Fiscal and social conservatism, commitment to shrinking government and growing the economy, encouraging personal responsibility and liberty, defending and following the constitution, are policies that have been proven right by history. These are the issues that will bring us victory in this civil war. These issues are our best chance of winning in the 2014 elections, as well as the big one in 2016.

     The establishment RINOs care only for their own power base. They're more impressed by the institution than the constitution. At stake in this war is the very soul of the Republican party. Just as in the overall war at stake is the very soul of America. Victory is our only option.

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