Goof-Ball Glenn Beck Pooping Out!


A few weeks ago I ran an article on and here on our forum, little did I know that it was so accurate and so telling. No, I don't have a crystal ball but sometimes things just add up. 

So tell me what you think? Is Goof-Ball Beck imploding? ....or just early retirement? 

What about this? Beck Plasters Face

Glenn Beck revealed that he has lost $500,000 campaigning with Ted Cruz , but said that has nothing to do with the recent firing of 40 of his employees.

“We are making the hard choices,” Beck explained. “We’re choosing principles over power. We’re staying true to the Constitution.”

“There’s a story maybe you have read, that came out yesterday, that is talking about how yesterday, my company The Blaze laid off 40 people, and my media empire is crumbling, and part of it is because I’m traveling around with Ted Cruz,” he said, referencing a Daily Beast story.

“Well, I want you to know,” Beck continues. “Yes, I’ve lost a lot of money traveling around with Ted Cruz. I’ve lost about half a million dollars. That’s my choice. I believe in something.”

“Did that cause the 40 people to lose their job? No.”

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  • I don't know if Beck - and his 3 very UNFUNNY sidekicks - is just losing it, or is WAY too wrapped up in dedicating his life to Sen. Cruz, but what irks me no end (and has caused me to turn off the radio or just move to another station) is his unrelenting dissing of Donald Trump.  They guy (Beck) has lost all sense of perspective and fair play.  A real jerk amateur, IMHO.  I don't know if he'll ever really recover, but my guess is that he's too far down the road of self-centered emotionalism and loopy  political ideas to ever be very effective again.  Too bad, too, 'cause he built of a wonderful and very substantial audience along the way; today, however, I'd venture to guess that he's lost a BIG chunk of that once-loyal following.  Ditto, too, BTW, for Mark Levin!  Now, that's an even sadder case!  He's revealed himself to be just a shill for Cruz and a blinded anti-Trumpster.

  • Glen Beck ... has no genuine interest in maintaining the Constitution... With Glenn Beck he can romance most of the Patriot, Evangelical, and yes the Tea Party groups; but will abandon them when the road gets rough, he has done it before, he is doing it now.

    His audience rating and advertisers are leaving him, as they find out more and more what he is really like.  He let people go, because he is too cheap to get into his personal money while he comes up with a believable angle to get his people back. 

    There is rumor that he is the object of a campaign to get him back at Fox... who is heading it up?  Your guess is as good as mine would be...

  • Beck is Beck.  He's a human being just like all the rest of us.  His media empire is doing a tremendous amount of good in defense of civilization.  Of all the personalities in The Blaze organization, I prefer to listen to Glen the least.  But the Buck Sexton's and the rest are absolutely brilliant, and I credit Glen for bringing them to the airwaves.

    We who walk in the light must hang together, or else we will most certainly hang separately.  

    Party on, patriots.

  • I know Glenn Beck is a good man, a patriot and if the Tea Party is knocking him, I am no longer a part of the Tea Party. I will stand with Glenn Beck and people like him.
  • I'm With you Patsy Harper.. I must also unsubscribe,
    Appears this thread has been hijacked by anti Tea Party trolls and is morphing into Patriotic In Name Only. "PINOS"

  • I always admired the way "professor"Beck taught us whst was really happening in the world, but when REALLY Conservative people did NOT want another DC-politician as president, How did he lose his way. He was the only media guy I believed and trusted.What a loss, especially to DC Cruz.
  • Maybe Glenn is a 'Trans-Emotional"     Looks like a man, cries like a woman. 

  • It's unbelievable to me that Glenn Beck, who has stood by and fought with the Tea Party on so many issues, is now being trashed by the leadership of this site. 

    To set the record straight, Glenn said that people that he trusted in his company had been committing tremendous waste.  As a business owner, I don't see anything wrong with what he's done.  When you have waste, you cut it.  Sounds simple to me.  Sounds like we are trying to create an issue over nothing here... 

    If this is the new Tea Party, count me out!  Just like Fox has lost a huge chunk of it's viewers, the Tea Party will be next...

  • He is either drinking again or paid off.

  • I stopped listening to beck when he started to continuously insult Donald Trump. beck and his stooges, with their fake voices, wouldn't be funny if they did their skits on Saturday Night Live.

    Please keep in mind who the senator is from the state beck lives in. In my opinion, beck has become a national disgrace, he could qualify for a any government position now.

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