Go, Jan go!

Love the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer. Good for her on not attending Obama's Governors Conference. She understands that it's not about getting input from them. It's about Obama telling them how things are going to be for the states if he gets coronated. There is no give & take with this guy, it's his way or the highway. She also turned down Schummer which was smart. Schummer has never been more than a puppet of any democratic presidency. Another leftist elite who thinks he knows better than us. Jan Brewer has grit for standing up to Obama, one of few that have & publicly. She's an awesome woman & I hope the people of her state see what an asset she is for them. I also hope they keep her in office, she's like a bear with cubs the way she defends her state & people. Yes Obama, you no mas cahones, but Jan does.

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