I hand it to Lindsay Graham for asking Eric Holder for any basis or previous case that an enemy combatant captured on enemy soil ever had a civil trial for crimes against humanity. The answer is never. A military tribunal is the only proper course. There are too many loop holes for these enemies against civil society. They are well aware of the mockery they will make of our system of goverance and embolden their resolve strike again. Just the possibility to be let off on a technicality is enough.Obama and Holder confidence is not enough. We have to act in the best interest of our national interest. I'm tired of having the person coward (Obama) make concessions to other internation powers to show a weak and timid U.S. The puppet has no voice unless his master commands it. We do not bow to any other nation or power, especially the U.N. If you cannot make a decision to support our troops in Afganistan then resign. I think you should be tried for treason as well as anyone who answers to another entity other than provided by the Constitution. And because I know you don't get it, you answer to me and my friends call the U.S. taxpayer/citizens.You should have focused on jobs from the beginning. The fiasco of the Stimulus and lack of jobs and transparency is continued evidence that you lack leadership ability. If you cannot lead the get out. We are coming for you and your cronies and our banner is the Constitution. What is your banner Marxism or destruction of the Constitution. We have heard you and now hear us.
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