By: Juan Reynoso, activist - STAND FOR AMERICA
"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."
Seek the truth and expose the corrupt politicians, the people must know the truth
The economic will collapse, is a matter of time.
The financial health of the United States continue to be our biggest challenge, the economic damage done by the 2008 crisis it is not totally in control, the strategy of the Federal Reserve Bank it is not working; jobs and increasing productivity is the solution not the injection of trillions of Dollars of easy and cheap money that resulted in this huge private debt that will create the next economic crisis.
Washington needs to work on a sound economic policy, a gradual tightening of fiscal policy and structural reform is in need to restore fiscal stability on our country. Our next economic crisis is coming is a matter of time, we are in a one way path our private debt is huge and it was created by cheap money, and millions were invested in the production of oil by franking. The lower price of oil helps the average consumer and retail sales but will demise the franking oil industry and will create the next economic crisis. Now is the time to prepare for the next crisis.
The news media will never tell you the truth about the low oil prices. Reality is pure basic economic. The weak demand for oil in the USA and in Europe as a result of unemployment and low wages and the concentration of wealth due to this exploitation of the labor force plus the US production of oil is the result of this low oil prices.
Concentration of wealth will damage any economic, by creating poverty; if the country’s majority of people is poor, will not be able to buy much as consequence most business will collapse. Our United States become the best economic country in the world by creating good paying jobs, good labor conditions and good benefit for their workers. Today all that is gone; since Reagan the NEO Conservative (THE NEO-CON) in partnership with the IMF and the World Bank embarked in the making of the New World order, to enable them to control the natural resources and the commerce of all the nations of the world. The outcome is this concentration of wealth in every country and the increase of world poverty.
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US is the biggest consumer worldwide
The Federal Reserve Bank is destroying America.
The federal Reserve Bank is at the heart of the enslavers of Americans
Crony Capitalism destroyed America
The next economic crisis is a matter of time.
We must get ready for the next economic collapse.

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