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The Democratic and Republican establishment’s worst nightmare is quietly becoming a reality. Mark Clayton has won the Democratic nomination to run against Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker in the fall election.

Mr. Clayton’s credentials are: He wants to preserve American sovereignty by not joining the North American Union. Preserve individual privacy by opposing a National Identification card. Preserving free trade in the hands of the people instead of a monopoly in the hands of international corporations under NAFTA. Preserving and protecting our traditional family values, the Boy Scouts, and our public schools from the radical onslaught of an atheist, homosexual, feminist, liberal, socialist, communist coalition. Protect our service personal from Islamic terrorists hiding in the service. Strict adherence to the U.S. Constitution. Keeping the country from turning into “AN ORWELLIAN SUPER STATE.

It took the Tennessee Democratic Party establishment just 24 hours to disavow him.

So far it has amused the Republican establishment but it is about to become their worst nightmare. You now have a Democratic candidate that is five times more conservative then the Republican Senator Corker. We know that yellow dog Democrats will vote Democrat come hell or high water. The traditional state rights, family values, red neck individualist Democrats will vote Democrat. If the tea party members, independents, 9-12ers, Ron Paulers’, Libertarians, family values, fiscal conservatives and all others who have vowed they would not vote for Senator Corker decide to vote Democratic, Mark Clayton could become our next Senator. Should this happen there would be a stampede of Democrats rushing to embrace the same values Mark Clayton does. Mark Clayton is indeed a pain in the tailbone to both the Democrat and Republican establishment.

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