We as americans and patriots won a great battle in november but the war isnt over, now our weapons and borders, we must be unrelenting.  i am starting now making call, we cannot let the stupidity of another country control our laws, PISS ON MEXICO< that is a mexican problem, we need to be more concerned about that crap comming up north.  Why doesnt our gov have guns at our border protecting us from their trash, i mean the gun fire is alittle close dont we all think. Why dont the All Mighty liberal god Obammatry to win the war instead of making us look like half ass combat soldiers that have too consult some jackball behind a desk in washington half the earth away, we should be kicking the hell out of these idiots. Then he says all this good stuff about our military and how we are so great turn around and knifes us in the back, homos, lesbos, and trans gender military wtf, im out im done, i have been halfway around the world come back and its all gone too hell, i dont know if these people know it or not but a transgender whatever you want to call it has mental issues,they are not ready to hold a weapon steady while a mad russian or chinaman is comming fast and hard firing a weapon on them, im sick to my guts at where people here have let our country get, Gates, obamma that sorry ass navy jackball need to go.   COME ON GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GET BUSY YOUR COUNTRY IS GETTING STOLD FROM U, WAKE UP AND LETS KICK SOME ASS. OR WE WILL BELONG TO ANOTHER COUNTRY. The start treaty wth that means we cant retaliate if we are hit with a speacal weapon, are you kidding me!!!!!
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  • It seems that in their infinite wisdom, they seem to find the most absurd explanations of just how it would work...... "And, It would benefit everybody"...I just can't expalin that mentallity.
  • Well Douglas, one can promise that, but in the end, that is a promise that can't be kept.  But, lol, isn't it surprising that even the eduacted, intelligent portion of the masses would still fall for that line, and they will fall for it every time.  It's absolutely amazing...
  • Given the way things are going, I would not be surprised to see that "Rent is TOO Damn High" dude make a strong showing in 2012. All you really need to do is to promise the Masses that you will pay all their bills, feed, clothe, and shelter them and you are almost a sure thing.


    It is a shame.

  • ***amased***
  • we are all correct, i just looked up everything from the civil war to now and if you look hard enough you can see it like a well planned football play.  Me and my two older boys got a bootleg copy of that jesse ventura show with the fema camps, so i thought we would go try to look around oceanside ca. around camp pendelton and i be damn sure as shit, we saw no one in it or around but it sure looked like a modern day prison camp.  Doug it is awful curious that the black citizens would vote for the good ole boys the very ones that would have them in chains, and im so close to the border that i see the wetback issue everyday im sick of it,they are the most filthy people on  earth decendents of cane i believe and this is how they want our home too look, im half mexican my mom was a mexican my oldman is an irishman  lol   i can cook and fight and like them both equally.  Wayne your right  we are heading in a direction that there is only one way to get out of or we might be in one of these camps i am amazes guys really that the people were so over took by this guy it was unreal. they were like school girls with elvis around them, and that idiot from mcdonald that looked and acted like he couldnt breathe i wanted to slap the shit out of him, and these morons that thought he was gonna pay their mortgage and gas bill, are there people in this country this dumb, ,,,,,,yep....... unreal my brain is going spastic i am in aww with the idiots that surround me in this liberal hell in which i live....... and the wetback wow.... this should not be Escondido but should be Mexindido where i live .. anyway guys talk soon.

  • Mike:


    They did it to us while our eyes were wide open!


    The problem is that there were also too many hands out.


    It really started in the mid - 1800's, right after the end of the unCivil War.


    Then it gathered steam slowly until the mid 1960' with LBJ's Great Society.


    How is it, do you suppose, that so many Blacks, given their History in this Country, are so prone to vote for those Good 'ol Boys the Southern Damovryts?


    It was indoctrination that started right after the end of the War. 


    Then LBJ, with his Great Society, bought their allegiance. From there it swept the Minority base by paying them to stay poor and ignorant to be sure to vote Damocryt.


    Now they are trying to use the Citizens of Foreign Nations, encouraging ineligible persons to vote illegally to shore up their base. Problem is, we can know this, NOW PROVE IT!


    The only saving grace is that people today are less willing to just be ignorant sheep. People are FINALLY starting to what has been going for practically all of their adult lives.


    Maybe we still have a chance to fix it.

  • And, if you are running as a Damocryt, you don''t even have to appeal to the intelligence of you constituency.
  • The point is that almost anyone can make a run for office.


    All it really takes is a website.

  • Makes me go....Hmmmmmmmmmmm??????????????
  • SORRY! That should have been ALVIN GREENE!


    He ultimately failed but still overcame limited finances, no one knows how he came up with the filing fee, and . . . How do you say stupidity nicely? . . . Oh yeah! . . . profound distraction to win the South Carolina Democratic Primary for U.S. Senate.


    He even had a pretty decent skeleton of his own. Some king of a molestation charge. Oh, well, He is a dem. Maybe that is a must for them.


    If the guy had been for real, he might have won a seat on the Senate. I understand he is now planning to make a bid for the House.


    Go figure! 

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