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So, I painted over my speakers and web cam with silver paint it looks unique, bought my own web cam with a built in speaker so I choose when it's hooked up...Granted I know that when it is someone is watching but hey some security is better then none...Also a few good programs for one's computer to add more anonymity are the following

peer block 


Private Internet Access (Paid Subscription) At seven dollars a month this is way worth it, though there might be better VPN's out there aside from building one's own this VPN is the best as far as price and value and the speed is pretty good.(VPN is a Virtual Private Network) I will say that this program dose not have port forwarding and that is pretty much the only complaint I have about this program. I recommend connecting to the swiss connection for the most security if you do decide to get this.

If anyone else has any ideas they would like to add about anonymity please feel free to add your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks again. 


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