Our military personnel are duty bound to respecting authority their authority we have to be their voice. General Casey rash comment is indicative of Political Correctness that prevades Senior Military Officers. Our men and women in the military deserves better. We need leaders not puppets to ensure American interest are protected, that includes the safety of our men and women in uniform. As Veterans begin to voice their concerns of the Political Correct of military leaders, we need to hold all would-be leaders accountable including President Obama who cowards in making decisions about our fight in Afganistan.The American people elected a leader not a puppet that has to wait on advice from his puppet masters. I commend General McChrystal willingness to stand up for his troops and their safety to end the conflict. Everyday as Mr. Obama awaits endangers the lives of our men and women in uniform. It is easy for Obama's arm chair quaterbacks to make excuse after excuse for inaction in Afganistan. Can't you see that Pakistan is taking an offensive against the Tailiban, we have the ability to neutralize this threat to our nation by taking immediate action through a Surge. To do otherwise is disasterous problematic and continues to weaken our national defenses. Lead or Step Aside. It is time for Leaders not cowards. General Casey and President Obama has failed to carryout their duties and should be held accountable.
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