Gay marriage

I would like to share with others my take on the issue of legalizing homosexual marriage.  It is seen by LGBT as a civil rights issue, but it isn't.  In the first place, there is no such thing as "gay" doesn't exist.  There is not one word in the constitution that gives any special set of rights to anybody based on their sexual practices.  Thus, they have no more rights than anybody else, and the term "gay rights" is a misnomer.  Homosexuals and uninformed politicians lean on the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to justify legalizing gay marriage.  That doesn't apply, either.  If anybody in the Tea Party wants to know why, contact me by email at and I'll forward a copy of my lengthy essay that makes nonsense of the whole homosexual movement.  I'm not selling anything; I'm just tired of politicians trying to lock hands with genetic freaks and doing a few choruses of kumbaya. 

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  • Yes, Paul, it means most people.  At least it used to mean that - and faggot - until they came under the protection of the White House, the Dept of Justice, and the political correctness paradigm for which this country seems to have an obsession.  Regardless, we should not have to make special laws for Obama, or any other homo; that's a point I make in the essays I've written about the subject. You may also find it interesting that, in a summit, several countries were talking about giving homos special consideration, but Russia held out, saying there was nothing special about them and they refused to cave in.  They have also passed laws against the introduction to children of any homosexual curriculum.  Seems to me to be an excellent idea, but it wouldn't go over here as long as we have Obama in the White House.  And how can he "lead" the free world when he's bent over at the waist, kissing the ring of the Saudi King?  Who looks like the leader in that picture?  I think his power and pull comes from the abnormal community of immoral people who seem to believe homosexuality is normal and who have tons of money; e.g., Tim Gill, the Colorado fag billionaire who kicks a lot of money into homo causes, and Jared Polis, another gay millionaire, one of few in congress who advocates on behalf of homo issues.  And as to doing what Obama says, considering what he's done to us so far, as well as how he completely disregards the United States constitution, these are reasons why we need to declare an end to America's social experiment, call it a total failure, and fire this half white/half black, half Muslim/putative Christian, AC/DC jackass as soon as we can!

  • But we have a "gay" (means queer) president.  Don't we have to make special laws for him?  He says we do, and he is the president, leader of all the free world, with trainloads of power and pull, also he has access to trillions of dollars.  (our dollars).  He says we got to do what he wants --- or else!

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