Bottom line illegal aliens are currently costing citizens well over $! trillion per year.    The 2012 BLS wage @ 40hr is $49,462.    Employer taxes etc, @30% is $14,839 and employee paid @ 25% is$12,365.    Governments (LOCAL, STATE & FEDERAL + UNPAID BILLS, ETC.) are collectively subsidizing 11 million illegal aliens $402 billion or $36,545+ each.    Wouldn’t jobless citizens get the same $36,545?    Bottom line government loses $100,294 and the laid off worker loses $39,096 take-home pay... total $137,391!   That @ 11 million is $1.5 trillion per year and $2.7 trillion @ 20 millions illegal TODAY!   



2012 jobless data in millions was 12,506 unemployed, 6,437 want jobs, 6,896  lost by lowering work force numbers relative to population, and that totals 25,839 (16.7%)!    If the 34.4 BLS work week hour is adjusted we find 25,228 (16.3%) more jobs falling through the cracks.  check it out!  That makes the maximum number 51,067 (33%).    The 40 hour average individual total productivity is $64,300 with employer taxes!

The 40 hour average individual total productivity VALUE is $64,300 with employer tax.

Does anyone believe this lying corrupt to the core government will enforce any law or the Constitution!    The problem would go away instantly if government actually enforced current laws on the books!

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