Fun Facts That Kill

We have to effectively reach the no information young voters at their street-level with “fun facts that kill” who have unknowingly been sucked into the liberal socialist democrat [LSD] party's communist propaganda machine.

Fun facts that kill are informational tidbits coated with sugar that unreservedly destroys a person’s falsely created reality.

The questions are, how do we do that in a completely life changing way that becomes permanent without killing the host? If it’s not 100% life changing power and authority it will not work.

How do we disseminate hard factual information that penetrates their brainwashed corrupted minds, without making them feel we’re attacking them?

How do we disseminate factual information that frees their purposely suppressed spirits without making them feel we’re preaching at them?

And finally, how do we let them know just how screwed up they are without destroying their very being?

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